Perhaps this is true love, touching

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   A very touching story, really touching.

   When the five-story building collapsed, frost was working overtime in the first floor office of inside, eating the food taken late at night from the stone.. They are a couple of Husband, Wife & The Extra who have been newly married for several months. They love each other very much.. Shi is eight years older than Shuang. He has been doting on Shuang like a pearl since he met her three years ago.. As the two are not in the same city, they cannot be transferred to the same city after several efforts.. It was not until six months ago that Shi quit his job and went to the city where frost was located..

   Frost has a report that must be handed in tomorrow, but because there is a mistake in the data, the total has been wrong.. I had to continue to work overtime at night, but I didn't find out what was wrong by 10: 30, so I made a phone call to complain to my husband. So Shi brought food taken late at night to accompany her wife and checked the data in the file with her.. See her husband walked into the office inside, frost full belly upset immediately vanished. Stone, has always been her pillar, to outsiders, she is a very capable girl, but in front of the stone, she will always be a little woman.. Looking at her husband's handsome face, the mood is like the starry sky outside the window, brilliant and incomparable.. Shi fondly touched her hair and ordered, "Be good and eat.". Let me check. "So frost obediently carry food taken late at night to sit opposite the stone, while eating with tenderness to stare at him, his face, his everything, is she never tire of watching. She believes that as long as her husband is involved, there is nothing impossible in this world.. Sure enough, in less than a quarter of an hour, Shi found out the mistake and was smiling to tease his wife. At this time, the office building, which had been said to be torn down as early as a year ago and barely used to this day, seemed unable to bear any more load at this time and collapsed without warning.. Cross-dust Literature Network

   Within seconds, the two men were buried in the ruins.. I don't know how long after, when frost woke up from a coma, it was dark in front of me and I didn't know where I was at the moment.. A hollow cement board was pressed on her body, but luckily, the other end of this cement board was supported by another cement board, only pressing on her body made her unable to move, but did not hurt her.. The coma just now was caused by something hitting her head, and the leg did not know what hit it. The bone seemed broken and bleeding, but she could not touch her calf because of the pressure of the plate.. There is also pain in the shoulder and back, and blood is bleeding when touched..

   "Stone! Stone! Where are you "Frost suddenly remembered her husband, cried. No response, she was so scared that yīngyīng cried.

   "Frost, I am here how do you like? Did you get hurt? "Stone faint voice uploaded from her side. She remembered, at the moment of collapse, the stone came and pressed on her, but now how can separate, she can't remember.

   "Husband! How are you?! "Frost listened to her husband's voice, cried in horror.

   "I'm fine. I just can't move under pressure.. "Stone suddenly calm as usual, said:" baby, don't be afraid, I'm here, you don't be afraid! "Frost feel stone's hand reached over and touched her arm, quickly with the hand tightly holding. Stone hold frost's hand, some trembling, but strong, make her fear immediately reduced a 天狮娱乐 lot.

   "My calf seems to be bleeding," continued the frost, "a stone slab is pressing on my thigh. Honey, are we going to die here? Why? Someone will come to rescue us soon.. "Stone tightened his grip on his wife's hand:" Tie your bleeding leg with my tie. Tie your thigh if you can't reach your calf. The tighter the better. "Say that finish withdraw your hand and handed the tie over. According to her husband's words, the frost bound the bleeding legs, but due to insufficient strength, it could not effectively stop the blood flow.. If no one came to save them, wouldn't it be bleeding to death Frost fear of thinking.Then stretched out his hand tightly holding the stone's hand, only in this way, she can not be so afraid. She suddenly felt that her husband's hand was shaking. Was Shi also afraid? At this time, I don't know where there was a mouse cry, frost let out a scream. The most feared thing in her life was the mouse. In this situation, even if the mouse climbed onto her head, she could not resist it..

   "Wife, don't be afraid. The mouse did not dare to come with me.. Come here and I'll kill it! Shi knew what frost was afraid of and said deliberately and easily: "god deliberately found a chance to let us share weal and woe.". Has your blood stopped? "

   "No, still in flow. "in Shi's joke, frost also relaxed a lot:" alas, die or die. Anyway, you are with me, I am not afraid of anything! Frost remembered meeting Shi three years ago, when she was in her final year of internship at the university and worked in inside, a company in Shi's city.. One day, the two met by chance in an elevator in inside. Stone's face was full of amazing look and frost seemed to turn a blind eye.. Only two kinds of men can attract her attention, one is smart and the other is handsome.. While in the elevator inside looked at her man, frost clearly saw wisdom in his handsome face inside. Seems very mysterious, but later understanding also proved her eyes at people, stone is undoubtedly a very clever man. But only when facing her, can show some silly appearance. Frost thinking about thinking, almost laughing out loud.





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