A message spanning time and space

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   No one knows you better than me, because I am you.. Only under the action of time and space, we cannot appear at the same time.. Now, I am awake. In order to ensure that you won't get lost during the summer vacation, you have this letter that spans time and space..

   First of all, I would like to reiterate two points: first, you are about to enter the second crossroads in your life-the entrance examination for college entrance examination. Second, your grades have regressed and you have once again become a "loyal fan" of the "net worm" army.. I understand, you know what I have written is true, and now I don't even have the patience to continue 天狮娱乐 reading it.. I don't know what you're thinking now, working, writing novels, making lists, meeting netizens, fans of novels, listening to music, shopping in supermarkets, these are all the possibilities I guess.. I admit that you are right to want to be somebody and not to be ordinary The Aviator, but how can success be as simple as you think?. Your main task now is to study and meet the college entrance examination, which determines your fate.. Don't be overconfident and don't dream of success.. Sailing is like sailing against the current, you should have understood it long ago.. Everyone is making the final sprint, do you want to stop at the same place?? Don't think that others are very poor, your defeat this time shows that you are not always strong.. To take a step back, you can't even compare with your past, the more you live, the more you go back.. You know very well that your disadvantage is the advantage of others.. Either success or failure boils down to the same person, laziness is your "Xiao He".

   So, what are you proud of? What are the reasons for taking a vacation?? To take a step back, there is only one vocational school in the whole city, and there are so many vocational schools in the whole city, where can you rank?. Don't be fooled by your temporary achievements and inflate your vanity.. Those complicated feelings, complicated people and things should be abandoned.. You are lucky to have a perfect childhood and two life chances.. Even if you have always been the "nail" in other people's eyes, you are still on a good road..

   Well, let's just say that! Although time is short, I don't know how to write it effectively.. Life belongs to everyone only once, don't let yourself regret the same as the senior high school entrance examination.!

   If you and I are not self-controlled people, then you may as well try my method.. Write down your advice for the future now so that the future you can control your life at that moment.!

   Author: Fan Chen





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