The flavor of hometown is still strong

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   The wind of early spring still came from north and swept across the cheeks, burning and stinging.. Ha relief, white fog lingering in front of eyes, and tide white frost condensed into a clean world, thoughts stalled at this moment, it is difficult to drag back for a long time .

   Over that mountain pass, I saw the towering stone walled The Wall in front of the gate.. At the foot of this childhood inside let me full of yearning for the outside world infinite long road, not a rainy day inside muddy sunny day dusty mud dirt road, dark asphalt paved flat road into the distance, even the lius living in the opposite shanwa, a cement road straight to the gate, the size no longer need to carry goods to suffer from shoulder to shoulder.

   Today is Lunar January 2nd in the third year of the Chinese Communist Party. Firecrackers are still exploding sporadically. inside in the lingering valley reverberates, one after another and for a long time.. Looking up, a pile of red gun paper was piled up at the door of every house. In the past few years, even after the fifth break, it was still hard to clean it up. Even if a whirlwind blew, it would cause the Lord to sob and show off his magnificence in front of the villagers.. If any family put a ten thousand-character prefix, don't guess, it must be this family that has made a fortune and got promoted .

   At ordinary times, the seat in my hometown of inside is very exquisite, the old and the young are senior and junior, and the order is orderly, so don't lose heart.. In the first month of the month, inside is different. It is possible to go to the children's grandparents' home to pay a New Year's greeting. You can sit on the table, drink a glass of polite wine, and make orders with your elder The finger guessing game. There is no fetter at all.. Different from usual, before opening the banquet at noon, a cake of firecrackers was set off first. The sound of the firecrackers did not fall off. The 99-ring hanako cannons on the side rose up into the sky. Unfortunately, it was difficult to appreciate the colorful patterns under the sunlight. Only the thunderous sound floated in my ears.. The large square table was already filled with Dish (food), counting it quietly. It was exactly 13 sets. This was the richest flour in my hometown-13 flowers. When the wine has been round three times, serving again, steamed foods in Chinese style sweet meat bowl, mutton chicken ribs soup, sweet potato balls on one, just like eight, this is not the usual inside happy meal-eight pieces.

   Full of wine and food, stroll along the cement road.. This is a section of the road that I am more familiar with. I can't remember how much hunger I suffered and how much fear I endured on this narrow path leading to the mountains. I fell and climbed in the mud several times. The low stone slab house of Chen Jia Wang's Cao family, which used to take shelter from the rain, disappeared. Smoke curled up from the chimney on the top of the building. Spring couplets written by writing experts from the neighboring villages were posted on the door. Even Wu Caiwang, who bought from inside, a grocery store, was posted on the cow ring door this year.. "Couplet.

   As night fell, I turned to my old house. The quadrangle that inside grew up with me in the famine years was only ruins. I watched the two mud houses that were still standing askew and could not be calm for a long time.. In front of the gate is the new immigrant village, where most of the villagers in the production team live, with more than a dozen houses in a row. On the other side of the river are relocated households and a row of small foreign buildings.. Shangying Road passes through the border. In every night, solar street lamps shine the new village as bright as day.. In the past, when the Chinese New Year is coming, Murakami's small hydropower station, which can hardly raise the 天狮娱乐 voltage with several voltage regulators, is now connected to the house through the network. Red lanterns are hung under the eaves to make the road surface red.. There are several cars parked by the roadside. The finger guessing game's voice came from inside the house. Tiger, thick stick and five leaders. Wow, eight horses fly twice and nine live long .

   At the end of the inquiry, rowling drinking is a few students make a rally, I said Zhang embolus elementary school didn't finish reading, where there are any students! A friend said that if you become prosperous, you will also go to parties. Now you are having a reunion with classmates. Those brothers who are doing business and mining are now rich. It is normal to have a reunion with primary school classmates. Follow the fashion..

   It was late at night, and I was always J'ai Pas Sommeil. In the distance came barking dogs, firecrackers were still exploding, and the strong smell of the year reverberated in the countryside, making people sentimentally attached.. I lament that I can't miss my hometown on the scale of Spring Festival if I go any further..

   I moved my hukou from the countryside to the city by virtue of my relationship. Can I still transfer my hukou from the city to my hometown??





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