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   Guan Chun is the greatest obsessed with road I know..

   He runs a small bar, but the house was bought in Nanjing when the house price was very low and there was no rent, so there was little pressure to run it..

   He and his girlfriend, Mao Mao, often quarreled. Once they had a quarrel and a meal together. I had dinner with him in a restaurant.. The two of them glowered at each other. I ate hard. Guan chunyi threw chopsticks and stormed to the toilet. nothing happened for half an hour.. Mao Mao called, but his cell phone was on the dining table and no one was found in the toilet..

   Mao Mao gnashed his teeth and thought the dog had run away.. As a result, he rushed in from the restaurant gate with full head and sweat. Everyone was shocked. He whispered that after going to the toilet, he thought for a while about the words used in the quarrel. After thinking about it, he ran back vigorously. He did not know how to cross the corridor to reach Xinhua Bookstore. He was directed to Zhenghong Street Square.. In the end, I wanted to be ruthless, so I decided to take a taxi.. Did the driver ever hear of this restaurant all the way, describing that he had already driven to Gulou for half a day and had to change another car before finding it back.

   After eating in The Jimmy Hat, I got lost in the toilet and went to Gulou..

   Mao Mao smiled angrily..

   The reason why they often quarrel is that the bar business is not good. Mao Mao thinks it is better to change hands altogether and buy a house to get married.. Guan Chun thinks that the bar business is no longer good, but it belongs to his own painstaking efforts and he is not willing to sell it..

   At that time, when I was a senior, they quarreled too far away to get into my mouth..

   The two broke up in 2003 after a row.. Mao Mao found a furniture dealer from Changzhou.

   This is all I know.

   And Guan Chun is still guarding the small bar.

   Guan Chun said, this bitch, kui I also talked to her about getting married. This bitch left a pile of junk and left.. This bitch, left but clean. This bitch, when she left, shed a few tears, which is still a conscience..

   I said, bitch is too ugly.

   Guan Chun was silent for a moment and said, this shrew. Then he cried and said, I really miss this bitch.

   I had just graduated that year, and I drank to pieces at his place every day.. One night, I drank too much. He didn't touch a drop of wine. He helped me into his used Palio and said that he would accompany me to drink at his home.. Wake up in the morning, the car parked in the grass beside the national road, right against the face is a stone tablet, written in Anhui province.

   I was frightened to disgrace, tipsy feeling was completely absent, and asked him exactly what was going on.. Guan Chun rubbed his eyes and said that he had gone to the wrong elevated entrance.. I said, then you come down. He said shyly, I came down and went down the wrong elevated gate again..

   I Caetuna felt a blank in my mind..

   Guan Chun said, why can't I always find my way?

   I tried to calm down and said, it doesn't matter.

   Guan Chun said, I figured it out. I couldn't find my way, but Mao Mao did. She told me that she used to love me, but love will change. She loves the old man now.. I have been angry, this is not a change of heart, how still rightfully? Now I think through, change of heart this kind of thing, I can't control with her, even if I yell, you his mama don't change your mind! Will she not change her mind?? I fuck changed his mind his big ye!

   I said, you found no sign? When there are signs, you have to mend them..

   Guan Chun shook his head and suddenly stormed: sewing balls! It's all over. why are we still talking about this?? In short, although I think it through, but don't let me meet this bitch . This bitch!

   I thought to myself, didn't you start it?! After a while, I asked, how much money do you have on you?? He answered 4,000.I count myself to have more than 3,000 and said cheerfully, I have a clever plan. Otherwise, let's drive all the way down and toss coins at the intersection to prove to the left and the opposite to the right. If we are not in the mood, we will continue straight ahead..

   Day by day, there is no goal. Stumbling and yelling, suddenly quiet, suddenly noisy, but eating roast chicken in a small town, suddenly in the city bubble bar, difficult through Jiangxi, turn back to Zhejiang, thank you for inserting into Fujian. Through the rape fields with infinite scenery and the villages built on the mountain, Shui Bo's narrow farmland roads are on both sides. There is not a street lamp that breaks the dirt road with tree shadows by moonlight. I have met Pe aici nu se trece's wooden sign many times..

   At the end of Longyan, the car broke down and the hood of inside was emitting black smoke, which made me afraid to start the fire.. Guan Chun sighed and said, just have no money, the car should also end up in bed, find a garage can sell how much is how much, then we buy a train ticket back to nanjing.

   Finally bought more than one thousand pieces. Dragging the money away, Guan Chun opened the trunk and said stupidly, Look. I have a look, it is Mao Mao All That Remains objects. Album. Postcard. Tea cup. Blanket. Even a toothbrush.

   With a thud, Guan Chun slammed on the trunk and said, "Drag it away. I never want to see her again.". Even if meet, if no accident, is also a slap in the face. "

   I hesitate to say, these are not?

   Guan Chun threw me a postcard saying that when I met Mao Mao, she was studying in Shenzhen.. Mao Mao liked a passage you wrote very much, copied it on a postcard and sent it to me, saying it was her request to me.. The cock asked, I didn't do it, give it back to you.

   I slipped it into my backpack..

   The trailer pulled an abandoned Palio and left with a full load of memories..

   Guan Chun stayed for a long time on the side of the national highway where smoke and dust were flying..

   I wonder if he deliberately recalled in this car, drove to The Farthest where he could reach, and then gave up all of them.?

   When I returned to Nanjing, Guan Chun worked very hard. The bar business started to prosper. There were no weekends and every day was full of customers.. After saving a year's money to buy a Passat again, the bar business has become very fixed and is managed by his sister. He has nothing to do and takes his friends for a drive..

   At the top of the mountain on summer night, friends who played together said that Mao Mao was finished. I aimed at Guan Chun, but he flour was expressionless and dared to ask for details.. A friend said that Mao Mao's husband bought land in Henan for a project. When he met a swindler, he did not have a land certificate. He estimated that his investment would be wasted and asked people everywhere to settle the matter..

   After a while, I learned sporadically that Mao Mao's husband went bankrupt and the bank began to auction the house..

   Guan Chun sneer, deserve it..

   One day when we passed the apartment building, Guan Chun slammed on the brakes and pointed to the Cherokee car ahead, which was slowly pulling to the side. Look, the bitch's husband's car will probably be taken away by the court..

   Cherokee stopped, Mao Mao alighted and walked slowly away.. I seem to hear her sobbing..

   Guan Chun turned his head and said: Safety belt.

   I subconsciously buckle, Guan Chun hey hey smile, roars, I fuck change his mind his big ye!

   Then a foot accelerator, crashed into Cherokee.

   The two were fine. The air bag landed on my face and smashed my glasses. I don't know where it went.. A voice in my heart was roaring frantically: this dog! This son of a bitch! This son of a bitch! If I die, I will go to your bar to be haunted.!

   Pedestrians swarmed around.. I can see Mao Mao's scared white face dozens of meters away and Guan Chun's ferocious face within one meter..

   For a while, Guan Chun had to sell bars.. The whole one million, 750,000 to Mao Mao. He took the remaining 200,000 yuan and several music friends to hold small concerts in various cities. It is said that all of them were local literary and art experts who lost 5,000 yuan in a concert..

   Seeing the rhythm of losing everything, I sincerely admire it. It's really awesome. (责任编辑:admin)




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