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   The facial makeup I want to talk about is not the so-called "cosmetic", "Broken Face" and "Three Tiles" of the old drama inside, nor is it the so-called "Wei, Hou, Qing, Gu, Gu, Bo, Evil and Su" of the eight methods of watching people in inside. The facial makeup I want to talk about is the faces of all kinds of living people that come into our eyes every day.. The facial makeup of the old play and the facial makeup of the linen phase method are several types of formulas that some wise people have 天狮娱乐 summed up from the faces of countless living people. They are all second-hand materials and can be ignored..

   The ancients said, "People's hearts are different and each has its own flour". That means it is not a problem to admit that people in flour are different.. We can't help admiring the magic of the human creator's skill. The facial features are similar to seven orifices, but the coordination of parts, with countless changes, is much more complicated than the jigsaw puzzle.. For those who stress "unification" and "standardization" in everything, I'm afraid they can't train and reform when they see people's faces so complicated and bizarre, so they have to let it develop naturally.? If everyone's face looks like a inside turned out from the same mold, with the same heavy eyebrows and the same tiger falcon, it is indeed spectacular and neat when they are lined up for inspection, but there must be too many inconveniences, which is unthinkable.. Whether a person's face is Same Same But Different or not, there are similarities and differences, otherwise there is no spectrum.. According to superficial experience, there are two kinds of faces, one is pleasant and the other is unpleasant.. All normal, healthy and lively faces are pleasant, and such faces are rare.. An unpleasant face, with a little or a lot of unpleasant things in mind, naturally lengthens the face by one foot or covers it with a layer of haze, but this face immediately forms a barrier between people and immediately darkens the atmosphere around it.. If, as far as possible, I try to relax the muscle on my face and put a smile on my mouth, I do not have much effort and give people great pleasure, which can make this life more worthy of nostalgia.. I will never forget forever Momma's Man Peter Pan. A smile is always hanging on his mouth. It is a symbol of eternity.. If an adult keeps a child's face completely, it is not an ideal thing either. besides the trademark "baby's own pills", it is not necessarily useful either.. However, the innocence of the naked child, such as leaving traces on his face, contributes to the happiness of mankind.. A pleasant face is pleasant in itself, which has nothing to do with the young and the old.. It doesn't matter if you are uglier, darker, have a longer chin and a collapsed nose. As long as you have plenty of vitality on it, you can radiate magical brilliance, not only light but also heat. Such a face can make the room full of spring and bring people excitement, light, harmony, hope and joy.. A beautiful face, if weak and lifeless, we have to treat it as a plaster cast..

   I think it's a very good game: get up early and go out, pay attention to the active face in front of you, see how many types of faces there are, and some of them will make you want to see them again after looking at them.?

   Don't think a person has only one face.. Women don't have to say, often "god gave her a face, she made another one. "The face of a man who does not wear makeup also has a" roller shutter ".There is a face outside, which rolls up like a curtain with a click when appropriate, revealing another face.. "Jack-O and Mister Hyde (comics)" (Dr.JckyllandMr.Hyde) That is not a fable. People who have strayed into official careers often develop this set of skills.. For the lower company, it is either dignified or expressionless, like a blank sheet of paper, which makes you unable to see the color and unfathomable, or its face is stretched like a leather drum and pulled as long as a donkey, which makes you feel several feet shorter in front of him.! But once he saw his boss, the donkey's face was immediately shortened, and then shrank to a shrunken inside. He immediately turned into persimmon dried fruit's face, with smiles piled up and straight lines all bent into curved lines. If he saw a higher boss, even his smile would not condense down. Before he spoke, his lips would shake for a long time, and his face would be full of trepidation.. Curtain face is the main tool for flattery, and it is indispensable for a certain kind of person..

   Don't think that your face and other parts of your body are equally affected by your parents and you are not responsible for it.. No, within a certain range, one can be responsible for one's own affairs. People's faces are probably all kind, because from the baby's face, it doesn't have to be all Yan Ru Lilium concolor, but they are probably all innocent and pleasing.. I haven't seen a child with a face that doesn't end well. His face was humiliated by himself. Most people don't realize how much influence his face has on others.. Face is everywhere. The sad face accidentally found in the funeral procession is of course ugly as Obit's paper color with swollen eyes like peaches.. Rows of prisoners with dirty faces, such as scarecrows, bereaved dogs and yellow wax on their faces, looked like they had just come out of prison inside, and looked like they were going to prison inside, with two big eyes without gods. It was also sad to see them.. There is also a large group of people who are not thin enough and not thick enough. Their faces are covered with fair-value beige, and their corners of the mouth may be stained with a little fair-value oil. They are wearing a fair-value cloth, with a sad face and no smile. Such a face is quite unpleasant.. However, these poor, sick and distressed faces are not the most unpleasant, because they are only negative and make people feel panic-stricken, and the facial expression can gradually return to normal by slightly increasing nutrition (such as minced meat) or improving some environment.. The most unpleasant thing is that some red-faced faces with full food and sleep, just with a cold air, coldly refused to thousands of people outside inside, don't look up when you look at your eyelids, mouth curled gourd ladle son, suddenly raised his eyelids to give you a supercilious look, black eyes don't know where to turn, neck ribs stiff, skull, eyebrows wrinkled several iron ironing uneven deep groove-this expression is the most easy to appear behind the counter of the government-run business organ. When I met such a person, I felt perplexed: did this person gamble all night yesterday so that he didn't get enough sleep, or did he suffer from diarrhea for three days in succession, or did he recently encounter some misfortune? otherwise, why could he be so grumpy that he couldn't maintain his normal face?.





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