The autumn equinox greeting message sent the first blessing

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   The autumnal equinox has been reported. Happiness has embraced you. Autumn flowers are blooming. Happiness is rising in my heart. Qiu Chan is noisy everywhere. Happiness has soaked you. Autumn winds are rustling around. Ruyi has set you up. The autumnal equinox. May you be happy in lucky stars and the autumnal equinox.!

   Autumn leaves dyed yellow my thoughts, autumn flowers scattered my ties, autumn rain wrapped my greetings, autumn wind blew my blessings, text messages filled with my wishes, in the autumn equinox season, may you be more delicate and charming than flowers and have a heart like clear sky!

   At the autumnal equinox, the day and night are flat, and the sun moves southward and the temperature is high.. Attention should be paid to healthy body and timely warm-keeping and clothing addition.. Blessings's side to send, wish you health disease away from. Good luck revolves around all things and happiness is always with you.. Happy Autumn Equinox!

   Autumn flowers are colourful, full of happiness, autumn fruits are numerous, full of joy, autumn wind blows gently, autumn rain flutters and moistens happiness. I wish you joy, happiness and COMpany in the autumn equinox season.!

   Autumn wind comes out, the temperature drops, and infinite thoughts are in my heart.. Autumn rain drops greeting da, wish you health and safety. Autumn scenery nearby, happy happy to roam. I wish you a fruitful autumn harvest and a happy life.!

   Draw a picture of the autumnal equinox, with light clouds and light winds as the main body. Sing a song of autumnal equinox, poetic is melody; Write a poem about the autumnal equinox. Tranquility and serenity are rhymes. Send a text message of autumn equinox, between the lines of inside is a blessing. May you have a happy autumn equinox..

   The autumn equinox, the beautiful scenery greets the heart gate. Rice is golden and smiles, pomegranates are happy and drunk with red cheeks, sweet-scented osmanthus is beige and fragrant, the sea is clear and bright, and the mist peaks are ethereal and unreal.. The autumnal equinox is coming. May you enjoy the beauty of the autumnal equinox and have a happy mood..

   When the autumn equinox comes, everything changes and leaves turn yellow and grains smell sweet.. The poet's heart is full of melancholy and the farmer's harvest is busy.. The autumn wind blows cool and the autumn rain drops cooler.. Text message sent to ask Ankang, may you be healthy and safe forever.!

   The autumn equinox has arrived, and the autumn wind has combed the mood, leaving no trace of worries. Autumn rain moistens my heart and makes me feel comfortable. Qiuyang brightens the sky and is in a good mood. Autumn scenery has rendered the world beautiful.. Friends, may you have a good time and enjoy the autumn equinox.!

   When the autumn equinox comes, autumn flowers fragrance the soul and life is sweet. Autumn rain moistens the sight and makes the feeling really pure. Qiu Guang moistens the sky and feels happy both physically and mentally. When autumn fruits enrich the earth, life becomes full.. May you have a happy autumn equinox.!

   The sky is blue, the autumn grass is yellow, the heart is sad when the autumn equinox arrives, the summer leaves in an instant, and I am still far away from you.. The sky is blue and the grass is fragrant in autumn. No matter how the season changes, the autumn wind and rain miss each other long. My best wishes are with you.. I wish you a happy and healthy autumn equinox.!

   The sky is high, the clouds are light, the streams are clear, the moon is bright, the stars are bright, and the autumn wind is strong. Looking up at Nanfei Wild Goose and looking back at her mother. I don't know what my mother is doing here, but she sent me a message with deep feeling.. The autumn wind is coming, and I hope my mother will pay attention to her body. It's cold in the sky with clothes, and my son will feel comfortable..

   The coolness of autumn refreshes the world. The freshness of autumn brightens the mood. Autumn's message, clever and beautiful scenery; The greetings of autumn moistened my heart.. My friend, the autumn equinox is over. May you have a good time and enjoy yourself forever.!

   Pushing aside the autumnal equinox, Door appreciates the lofty blue sky and brings with it a strong and pure concern.. Overlooking the red and brilliant sugarbush, I place warm and continuous thoughts on it.. Staring at the beautiful and beautiful green mountains, spreading sincere and natural blessings.. Happy autumn equinox!

   Autumn wind leisurely, swept away worries, refreshing body and mind; Autumn rain is continuous, refreshing and refreshing. Autumn scenery is beautiful, pleasing to the eye and relaxed and happy. When the autumn equinox comes, I feel at ease and carefree.. May you be at large and happy in autumn.!

   The heart is calm, the gusty autumn wind brings the breath of autumn, and every drop of autumn rain brings the thoughts of autumn.. Autumn leaves are falling in the autumn season, and every word of care and greeting is at your side.. The autumn equinox is coming, remember to add clothes when it is cold.. May you be happy and safe.!

   Autumn is brisk, sweet and pleasant. Autumn flowers smell sweet and enrich life, embellish happiness, and autumn rain moistens happiness and irrigates beauty. May you be happy with your company during the autumn equinox.! cn)

   Clear water, clear grass, withered geese fly south, the sky is high, the clouds are light and the sun is bright..Cold at night to prevent diseases, pay attention to health care to protect the stomach warm. In the golden autumn, the paddy fields are piled high, and the harvest is gratifying.. Don't forget to protect 天狮娱乐 your health. May you enjoy the golden autumn.. Wish autumn wind health!

   The autumn equinox changes day and night, and the temperature in Long Nights Short Mornings drops.. Autumn wind brings long thoughts, autumn rain brings boundless affection.. Autumn fruits are plentiful and harvest is wide, and autumn dew and sky bless Tibet.. The autumn equinox is coming. May you be refreshed, happy and healthy.!

   Lift the maple leaf's red cap and feel Manisnya Cinta. Holding up the golden face of rice and welcoming the harvest of life. Raise the clouds of white skirt, dancing heart songs. The autumn equinox has come, may you reap sweet and happy harvest..





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