How much brighter the moonlight is at home!

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   Everyone has his own hometown and everyone has his own moon..

   Everyone comes from his hometown or goes towards it. Everyone is watching the moon, and inside continues to grow as he did not notice during the casual journey of the years.. In an instant, the hourglass of time in the years is flowing with itself for ever. We have changed and the moon is the same as before.. In the rush years, the passage of time impacts the growing you and me in our life.. Once upon a time, I was far away from my hometown. In the tide of the years, inside drifted to another place, Suddenly Look Back. Looking up at the moon, I found that the moon had changed and we were still ourselves..

   People in a foreign land are At Home, and they think twice about their relatives during the festive season.. Perhaps, on the night of the festival celebrations, the moon in inside, The Sky At Night is the thing people like to do most when thinking of their hometown and their homes.. On a starry night, inside's dim eyes could not hide the sadness on the full face of the moon. People in a foreign land, staring at the moon, like looking at a stranger. It is not so much that people miss their hometown in other places as the moon in their hometown..

   Dew changes to frost since tonight, how much brighter the moonlight is at home!. Water-like moonlight flowed in the long river of time in inside. The memories of childhood, hometown and moon are still fresh in Photographic processing's memory.. The moon in my hometown is full of my mother's kind gaze, while the moon in my hometown is full of outsiders' indifferent eyes.. The moon in my hometown is always so bright, whether it is the moon's rain or shine, or the moon's stars are rare in the night. The moon is like the eyes of relatives, watching with wide eyes, squinting, half-opening, half-closing, half-opening, half-closing. inside is full of eyes. The moon in my hometown is my dearest companion.. Half of inside's childhood memories were spent with the moon.. In inside, a world where children are surrounded by computers, televisions, video games and smart toys, our childhood inside has different interests.. After dinner in the early evening of childhood, the children often did not run to bed early and snore in inside, nor did they stay in front of the TV and watch the world of other people's inside in front of the computer and watch love and hatred, which does not belong to them.. On the contrary, in our childhood in inside, when the curtain of the night fell as the sun retreated backstage, the children, under the yelling of adults, stripped off their rice bowls three or two times and ran away like the reins of inside's task.. Groups, in pairs, groups, clusters of children like stars in the night sky inside, without the control of the strong, they all poured out, doing their childhood "serious things". One after another, the pleasant children's voices rose and fell in the village of inside under the vast night sky in the countryside, leaping merrily with the rhythm of twinkling stars.. In the night sky, the moon in inside is on January 30, 365 days a year, smiling, laughing, or smiling all over her face to watch her children.. At night in my hometown, my shadow followed my feet. I was very kind and happy.. In the words of hometown, inside, the moon has a very kind name, called "Old Niang Yue". When I was a child, I often sang with my friends the children's song: "Old Niang Yue, eight zhangs tall, riding a horse, Dai Yang Zao …". Inside sang fast in the night sky, inside laid his arms on the moonlit night, lay on the ground with his friends, looked at the moon, listened to Gang Wu's story of cutting down trees, and dreamed of landing on the moon in the future.. The moon in my hometown is so bright that it brightens my childhood memory and refreshes Yamashita's dream in the brightness..

   My hometown inside has my childhood and my moon at night.. In my hometown of inside at night, when walking, I don't feel lonely alone under the night sky.. From one place to another, no matter how fast or slow you are, or whether you run or walk, the moon in the sky always follows you closely and is inseparable from you.. Slowly, when I grew 天狮娱乐 up, I left my hometown very early and bid farewell to the moon in my hometown starting from my school.. On a strange night in inside, when walking, a group of people feel lonely with them.. No matter whether the moon in the night sky exists or not, it always feels three-thirds dim.. From different places to my hometown, I often walk alone in inside in the middle of the night. Occasionally, through the window of the car, I can see the moon following me in the same direction until my hometown.. Yamashita, what I miss is not the moon, but those under the moon.

   The hourglass of time is slowly flowing in the tide of time inside. You and I are swimming with the tide in our own life. In fact, wherever we go, the moon in our hometown is following and has not changed.. In the moonlight, we should wipe away the dust in our hearts and eyes from inside, refresh the memory of inside and inside.





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