Cold snap (Flash Fiction)

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   According to the weather forecast, a cold snap that has not happened in decades arrived on time in this small southern border town, which is famous for its spring-like seasons and no winter..

   In accordance with the instructions of the higher authorities, all ministries, bureaus and government departments and units should arrange personnel to be on duty on weekends to prevent coldness and frost and to be on guard.. Director Hou finished his morning tea and came out of Manxiang Building.. Looking up at his wrist, it was only ten o'clock.. It's still early for lunch. After thinking about it, I decided to take a look around the office and check the situation on duty by the way..

   The car took a turn and saw the unit gate from a distance.. Fast forward to the gate, Hou, director of the suddenly found less than 10 meters from the gate of the wall root, a few people actually lit a fire around the fire! He rolled down the window and glanced at it briefly..天狮娱乐 There were five or six people warming the fire: about two were carrying passengers in three rounds, with two tricycles parked nearby; Some of them should be shovels. There are two or three electric cars under the tree, with hoes and shovels tied to the cars.. In the past in inside, these people usually gathered at the crossroads in front of them to wait for work.. Today, it is estimated that it is too cold. A group of people moved to this leeward place and a fire broke out.!

   Director Hou pulled the car into a special parking space and parked it well.. Yin with a face, pushed open the door of the duty room. Xiao Lu, the young director, was surfing the internet with the heating on. when he saw director Hou coming in quietly, he turned off the computer and rubbed his hands. he was at a loss.

   Hou, director of the dry cough twice, adjusted exercise your voice, forced his anger and ordered: "Go! Get rid of the crowd outside the gate.! What a scandal it is to burn a fire at my door.!"

   Lu bowed his head and walked out as he answered.. Director Hou threw another sentence behind his back: "clean it up by the way."! Maybe there is a leader to come over!"

   Xiao Lu trotted along, wondering what to say to the men as he ran.. Xiao Lu graduated from the university and took part in the work not long ago. he had no working experience in this field..

   Is entangled with, suddenly from outside the gate head-on came in a shiny black car. At the license plate, Lou's legs trembled.! Thus, little Lou also forgot the crowd outside the gate and hurried to keep up with it and waited by the door.. The leader didn't bring the driver and drove his own car.. Xiao Lu welcomed the leader to director Hou's office.. Hou, director of the three-step and two-step forward to shake hands with the leadership to say hello, compliment a few words, by the way. From the drawer inside took out a bag of good tea and said, "Old tree tea in the countryside is worthless and tastes good.". Xiao Lu, boil water and make tea, let the leader drink warm . "the leader waved his hand, not to busy, just to have a look around, but also to walk around. Also didn't stay much, really say go go. Director Hou and Xiao Lu sent the leader to the car together and watched the leader's car turn out of the gate..

   Hou, director of the in the mind that proud strength, very anxious to hum a few words of "Why not Return" to express their expected things such as god, wise decision admire, if not mind little Lou beside. At the sight of Lou, I suddenly remembered the crowd outside the gate and the fire.. According to the time calculation, Lou should not have enough time to deal with the stand. Director Hou started to run to the gate..

   When he ran to the gate, the crowd had already dispersed and the fire had been cleaned up. It was estimated that there was work to be done.. Director Hou's kindness was totally lacking: did this group of people disperse before or after the leadership came?? Did the leaders see the fire? One thousand leaders really saw the fire will have ideas?

   Just last month, an old friend was just relieved of his post because of poor cleaning work.. This is the person who is in charge of cleaning engineering.. Hou, director of the inside in mind the leadership in word and deed, even to every eye, every expression from beginning to end carefully combed several times, always can't sort out a clue.





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