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   The maple leaves in autumn

   Autumn is very beautiful. Its leaves are very touching.. Autumn is very beautiful. Its leaves are colorful. I like autumn leaves..

   Look, the maple leaves on both sides of Badaguan Road have dyed red all autumn. Looking around, they look like blazing flames, like red ribbons dancing with the wind. They brighten the whole autumn with life and enthusiasm.. Isn't that what we Chinese are passionate about?

   Maple leaves are not only a symbol of autumn, but also a messenger of autumn..

   Walking in sugarbush, maple leaves fell down one after another, enthusiastically telling people that "autumn is coming, autumn is coming.". Then I came closer to see that the maple leaves falling on the ground were tightly and thickly clustered around the roots. I couldn't help thinking of a common saying: "Getting Home". They slowly turned into nourishment by guarding the roots. This spirit of selfless dedication is worth learning.. Just when I was absorbed in thinking, a flaming maple leaf fluttered slowly and leisurely beside the root of the tree like a butterfly. I guess: this small maple leaf wanted to take uncle feng's plane to travel far away, but could not bear to leave mother tree, so it pulled open its parachute and returned to mother tree's arms..

   On the way home, the two verdant and tall pine trees at the door are still so full of vitality. From a distance, they look like small green umbrellas. From a close look, the leaves look like small palms. It is really fun.. Pine leaves are evergreen all the year round, and autumn is also its The most beautiful season. Whenever I see it, I think of its indomitable spirit. Whenever I think of it, I am full of the spirit of not yielding to difficulties. I love this strong pine tree..

   Autumn trees are beautiful. Autumn leaves are the most beautiful in this unselfish season in inside. It is a masterpiece of nature. What attracts me most is its beauty of mind. I love autumn leaves.

   The Charm of Chrysanthemum

   "It's not that chrysanthemum is preferred in flowers, but that flowers are more blooming. "everyone is familiar with this poem? This is a sentence from the Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen's Chrysanthemum. I have not seen many chrysanthemums except on TV before, but today I really realize the charm of this chrysanthemum..

   This is the first chrysanthemum exhibition in our county held in furong square.. It's not that I was attracted by the colorful sea of chrysanthemums as soon as I arrived at the square. What a spectacular sight!! The "Double Dragon Beads" decorated with chrysanthemums are so lifelike. The vase carved with "pearl agate" chrysanthemum is so delicate. The "proud as a peacock" sculpture decorated with "green facing the cloud" is so beautiful that chrysanthemum has all kinds of shapes and forms and is extremely beautiful. .

   The separately placed wild chrysanthemum flower, orange skin, and the top of the leaves are "painted" with a layer of light pink. If you look closely, the flower pistil is still tinged with green and small in size. The sculpture is even more lifelike with these smaller "dolls.".

   If you look at the chrysanthemums, they look noble. They come in all colors: yellow, pink and lavender … Their petals are not as small and lovely as wild chrysanthemum, but they have a different attitude.. See their petals are slender and curved, and the color is also stylish: from light to dark, take pink chrysanthemums for example, its color is: light pink inside, dark pink outside, and

   I still stand upright in the vase. At this moment, I can't help admiring the stubbornness of this chrysanthemum: it grows in proud snow, is not afraid of wind and frost, and dares to take risks.! Stand upright in the cold wind! Bravely showing people their beauty.! Chrysanthemum has become a dazzling sight on the lotus square. whenever there is chrysanthemum, people will laugh and admire it. many adults and children linger on the lotus square.

   This chrysanthemum exhibition is really of great significance. It not only enables us to see many varieties of chrysanthemum, broadens our vision, but also enables us to appreciate the exquisite skills of gardeners, and also enables us to understand the indestructible perseverance behind tenacity.!

   Writing for Scenery Part III: Campus in Autumn

   The hot summer leaves quietly and the cool autumn comes to us gently.. Autumn girl with wind sister came to the world, and miss summer pass by. She quietly entered our campus and used her magic brush to make our campus more beautiful and charming..

   From Epsilon Centauri into the campus, you can see the willow leaves around the playground fall to the ground like rain again. Then, the willow leaves will gradually turn yellow and black until there is nothing at all.. In this way, if it always falls off, it will become a bare tree, just like a poor little girl, with all her hair falling off and looking very ugly.. Looking north from the west gate, one can see a row of pine trees at a glance. It is not as colorful as the peach trees in inside in spring, nor as big as the phoenix tree in inside in summer, nor as golden as the ginkgo tree in inside in autumn.. It is only winter inside, a pine tree in a plain green coat.. In front of the playground, there are a row of pomegranate trees, ripe pomegranate, they one by one zhankai doll-like lovely round face and smile, competing to report the good news of maturity to the people. All of the pomegranates are cracked, revealing pomegranate seeds like teeth. The top leaves are all gathered together like bows to make it more beautiful.. In autumn, persimmons are red, hanging on the branches like small red lanterns, giving people infinite comfort and warmth.. In spring, persimmon trees have sprouts, small and green, just like many newborn babies, flashing and showing off on the branches.. And the dragon claw locust tree, its branches and leaves lush. The trunk is as thick as the bowl mouth, is brown, bark is very rough, with vertical cracks on it.. The branches are curved like dragon's claws. No wonder they are called dragon's claw locust. It surrounds the campus and guards our campus like loyal guards..

   What a beautiful campus in autumn! I love the campus in autumn.!

   The song of the brook

   Every stream sings a nice song, and every stream sings a different song. The songs of other streams are very nice, but I like the streams in my hometown best..

   In spring, the song of the brook is cheerful. The spring girl is here, bringing warm spring breeze. The warm spring breeze blows the willow branches soft and wakes up the grass. The grass sprouts sharp little heads one by one..The bird also flew back and sang the song of spring with the stream..

   In summer, the brook is full of small flowers, and the stones beside the brook are covered with moss. When you step on it, it is slippery and easy to fall down. In the brook inside, there are some small aquatic plants and duckweeds. Sometimes there are small fish or shrimps hiding beside the aquatic plants. They are like playing hide-and-seek with you. Only the snail is walking slowly in the water. When you see someone watching it on the water surface, it is in no hurry. It is still walking slowly as if it has nothing to do with it. I caught it. He slowly closed the door and couldn't come out. I couldn't help but put it into the water. After a long time, he felt no danger. He slowly opened the door and walked slowly forward. The stream in summer sang happy songs..

   In autumn, the small fish and shrimps in the stream inside disappeared, even the slow snail disappeared. On the water surface, only a few leaves fell onto the water, like small yellow sailing boats sailing on the water surface. However, the small grass and shrimps beside the stream are still so green and beautiful. They seem to comfort the stream. Although the small fish and shrimps are wandering, there are still us.! The lonely song sung by the stream at this moment. (责任编辑:admin)




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