A tree intoxicated with spring breeze

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   Cloudy, windy, 12 degrees Celsius in apparent temperature.

   How long have you not seen her?

   Two years. To be specific, one year and ten months is only 13 days..

   Have you thought about her?

   Thought. A total of 35 times, if you accidentally wrote her name, that is 43.5 times, if you even count the dream, that is 47 times, the one in two was written her surname between half asleep and half awake..

   On a rainy afternoon, I was standing under a tree holding a handful of The Blue Umbrella. The wind was blowing from the southeast, and my rolled-up trousers were wet. The white shoes were scattered with mud and the socks were damp and greasy. For an instant I didn't know where to go. It seemed that the spring breeze was really intoxicating.. In the book, it is said that in your endless nostalgia, any small warmth will be regarded as a great gift, and any genuine effort will be regarded as a well-deserved gratitude.. I suddenly thought of you under a tree. Have you ever thought of being a cat?? If you have to do something, you will definitely choose to be a dog..

   Most of April has passed, and the flowers that should be thanked are gone. Only a city that never sleeps remains on the desk, making the already quiet life seem more lonely..

   A few days ago, I had a fever in the evening. I burned over and over all night. My whole body was like a melting pot, and my limbs' joints were swollen and painful. When I got up in the morning, my throat was tightly closed to inside. It took me a lot of effort to swallow saliva. How can I make myself more comfortable?. I don't want to say a word more. The morning run all the way is like taking a true scripture. The road is dangerous and evil spirits are rampant.. I took a detour to the nearest pharmacy and closed it. I don't know where the second pharmacy is.. Fortunately, God is kind to me and Baidu Maps is also reliable..

   There is no reason to love a lot of people, there is no reason to hate a lot of people, they said this is too casual. But don't birds and fish rush to flour?? Do you know how afraid I am of being ignored? One night the spring breeze shook down half a tree of cherry blossoms, and many people would admit this wonderful thing..

   Spring Fever, I've met you, and since then the wind has been the same from east to west and from north to south. It's also night in the morning. I miss you too.. Walking through the crowd, the girl in white who passed by will definitely look back and stop when she sees the familiar figure in the distance. That is because she saw you all in white for the first time and everyone looks like you from now on..

   The sun through the curtains of light yellow, dyed your hair yellow, mottled shadows, just woke up eyes slightly swollen, you quietly yawned, corners of the mouth overflow up smile, you must not have slept well last night. I drank a cup of tea for the night with strong color. When I crossed the tip of my tongue, I felt more astringent than last night. It was too late to vomit and slipped to the stomach inside.. Before I could stay away from you, you lived in my heart..

   Fallen leaves were stacked one on top of the other downstairs, and all the time passed on the western wall.. It's all a sin..

   I planted a tree in 天狮娱乐 Early Spring Days. It was still a tree at night, perhaps shaking down a tree winter wind..

   Author: Floating Tea





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