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   There is a good saying, your heart is as wide as your stage is; Your heart can be as wide as your pattern is.! Enlarge your pattern and your life will be incredible.!

   Preface story

   There was a housewife who bought a piece of clothes one day. She turned back and habitually showed off to her neighbors, only to find that the neighbors spent less money on the same clothes than she did in 20 yuan. So she was very upset for several days.. This man's pattern is worth 20 yuan's money..

   There is a beggar who is begging in the street all day long. He has no feeling for the well-dressed people on the road, but he is jealous of beggars who beg much more than himself. This person is estimated to have been a beggar all along..

   Three workers were building walls at the construction site. Someone asked what they were doing.? The first person didn't have the spirit to say: build a wall, didn't you see? The second man smiled: We are building a tall building. The third man smiled: we are building a new city.. Ten years later, the first man was still building the wall, the second man became an engineer, and the third man was the boss of the first two men..

   There is a proverb that no pancake is bigger than the pan that sears it.. The philosophy of this sentence is: you can make a big cake, but no matter how big the cake you make, it must be limited by the pan that made it.. The future we hope for is just like this big cake. Whether we can make a satisfied big cake depends entirely on the pan in which it is baked. This is the pattern of what we want..

   What is the pattern? The pattern refers to the internal layout of a person's vision, mind, courage and insight, and other psychological elements!

   A person's development is often limited. In fact, the limitation is that the pattern is too small and limited by it.. He who seeks great things must spread the overall situation. For this chess game of life, what we need to learn first is not skill but layout.. The big picture is to cut into life from a big perspective and strive to stand higher, see further and do more.. The general pattern determines the direction of the development of things. If you control the general pattern, you will also control the situation..

   Only when one has a larger pattern can one have a wider road ahead.! If one regards life as a chess game, then the outcome of life is determined by the pattern of this game.. The key to winning this chess game in life lies in grasping the chess game.. In the human-to-human game, the players who give up the pawn to protect the car and fly like vaulting horse are just like every game in life. The winners of the game are usually the players who have the measure of giving first and taking second, the overall height of overall planning, the strategy of strategizing and winning thousands of inside..

   Yu Dan is right: the key to growth lies in creating a life pattern for yourself..

   Why should there be a big pattern? The limitation is that the pattern is too small and limited by it..

   In today's world of constantly updated knowledge, inside, we are constantly refreshing our knowledge structure. Only one thing is most important, that is, to try our best to cultivate a big mind..

   Only in a big state can one have a big mind, and only in a big pattern can one accomplish much..

   First, there is a big pattern 天狮娱乐 behind the success of luck.

   1, have what kind of pattern, have what kind of fate!

   Those who have a big pattern: they have an open mind, do not belittle themselves due to the unfavorable environment, and do not abandon themselves due to lack of ability..

   Those who have a small pattern: they often complain about the unsatisfactory life, because they can't do anything with a small setback. when they look at problems, they often become mediocre people who can't see mount tai for a leaf..

   2, the pattern is not big enough, life achievement is limited no matter how high.!

   Three Endings of a Pomegranate Seed:

   Put it in a flowerpot inside and plant it. It can only grow to a height of more than half a meter at most.!

   When planted in a vat inside, it can grow to a height of more than one meter.!

   When planted in the courtyard space, inside can grow to four or five meters high.!

   3. The limitation is that a person's set-up for himself is too small.!

   The height one can reach in life is often the height one chooses for oneself psychologically.. If one never wants to reach the peak in his heart, then he will never succeed.!

   4. Abandoning the life attitude of running for food only!

   God and The beggar's story: God saw that a beggar was pitiful. He went to the beggar and said to him, "Give you 1000 yuan. What will you do with it?"? Beggars said: How would you use a cell phone for 100,000 yuan?? Beggars said: How would you use a car for 1 million yuan?? The beggar said: Buy the most luxurious section in the city

   5, blindly following is irresponsible for life.!

   Most people have the mentality of following the crowd. They dare not take the lead or piled high above the brim in doing things. All choices are based on others' choices.. Conformity without choice is blind obedience and irresponsible to life.!

   Second, the general pattern has a broad direction and will not change due to external pressure.

  Pain and confusion are often caused by unclear directions.. Frustration is an inevitable process in life. Don't position yourself as a loser.. If you don't pursue quick results that violate objective laws, losers will often be defeated by yourself.. Only when you lose can you win and be prepared for possible problems..

   Three, the big pattern has a large caliber, not by trivial things stumbles

   The size of a business depends on its size.. Where people can be employed, blame is not sought.. Don't let suspicion ruin your life. To forgive others is to let yourself go..

   A broad mind dilutes the pain of life, belittles gains and losses of fame and wealth, maintains a common heart, and faces life calmly..

   Four, the big pattern has big ambition, every day is a process of progress

   People with high positions will not let themselves muddle along. They will not only aim high, but also start with little things.. For tomorrow's success, endure today's loneliness and concentrate on controlling your time..

   Ways to Realize the Great Pattern

   The way to realize the big pattern is not congenital, nor is it necessarily related to your current life environment. The pattern is a person's orientation of his own life coordinates. As long as we can adjust our mentality, we will certainly be able to establish a big pattern for ourselves.. Knowledge and skills are internal forces, suitable platforms and rich human connections are wings. If you can make full use of all these resources, you will be on a rising ladder every day. (American Literature, then, the future big pattern and development will not only be a dream..

   1, optimize the knowledge structure, enrich the internal support of the big pattern

   2. The general pattern is not aggressive, but it does not exclude risks.

   3. The big pattern requires a big platform to achieve a breakthrough in the pattern in space.

   4. Integrate social resources and make a breakthrough in the pattern through personal contacts.

   5, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, from strengths to complete the breakthrough of the pattern

   If you want to enlarge your pattern, you need to feel it from different positions.. The test of whether a person's intelligence is superior depends only on whether his brain inside can accommodate two opposite thoughts at the same time, without prejudice to his conduct in life. In fact, this is just like the diagram of Tai Chi Yin and Yang mentioned in Chinese Taoist culture. Yin has Yang, Yang has Yin, and the problem is more comprehensive. This is a comprehensive pattern..





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