People have hobbies rather than beliefs.

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   To write down this topic, first of all, it should be explained that the hobbies in the topic must be legitimate hobbies, not improper hobbies or hobbies harmful to people's body and mind..

   Let's talk about faith first. What is faith?? Do I have faith? Do you have faith?? Does he have faith? Faith is indeed a very abstract thing, invisible and intangible.. Faith seems to be far away from us, but it seems to be close to us.. The existence of faith is like chasing the moon in the sky. You are walking, and it is walking.. Faith is actually a thing that can never be reached.. Some people say that people live by faith. Others say that people live on rice. It would be a bit incomplete to say such things.. The correct statement should be that people live on both faith and rice.. After all, human beings are different from immortals who do not touch the earth, nor are they animals and birds that live solely on matter.. And man is man, who is a higher animal that needs both material life and spiritual life..

   For people with faith, such as Buddhists or Christians, or other believers, it is often difficult to see true purists coming. For example, Buddhists are not allowed to kill or eat meat, but these rules and regulations still can't stop monks from eating greedy mouths, and those who eat meat and look for women still have them.. However, even those believers who believe in Western Christianity, whom the Lord has taught to be friendly, still run to other countries to kill people and plunder property.. All this shows that neither Sakyamuni nor God is reliable.. These people who have faith on the surface are actually not much different from those who have no faith..

   What can really make people different from each other and improve people's spiritual realm?? It's a hobby. For example, mathematicians Hua Luogeng and Chen Ching Jun were able to become obsessed with the mathematics kingdom and enjoy themselves. Lu Yao and Mo Yan indulged in the literary kingdom and forgot to eat and sleep. Of course, there is also Wang Xizhi, who was obsessed with the kingdom of calligraphy in history. He left a surprising piece of Mo Chi for later generations.. Beethoven, a piano poet, was able to create a heart-stirring eternal masterpiece Symphony of Destiny when he was blind, while Nobel was able to forget the pain of being blown up by dynamite and shout "I succeeded, I succeeded.". "

   Think about it, these masters who have created outstanding achievements for mankind in history, what spirit can make them happy to do their things?? Is it for money or fame? If it is for these reasons, can't they get money or fame and wealth for anything they do?? But why do you have to do these tired and endless things?? Obviously, they are neither for money nor fame and wealth, but what really makes them make great sacrifices for what they are doing is their hobbies..

   Hobbies are their constant spiritual motivation. Hobbies have freed them from the temptations of money, power, fame and beauty. Hobbies have brought them into the excited working state of More Than Human.. Maybe they are neither Buddhists nor Christians, but they do what they like, and their obsession is more like a pure Buddhist or Christian than those Buddhists or Christians who have faith..

   Cherish your hobbies, cherish your hobbies, maybe when you find your own hobbies, you will involuntarily become addicted to them and cannot extricate yourself. And the taste of you indulging in it is no less than that of a pure devout believer..

   Maybe you don't believe in it, but you must have a hobby, and of course you must reiterate that this hobby must be a legitimate and beneficial 天狮娱乐 hobby.. Because of improper hobbies, some people are imprisoned and trapped in the abyss of evil.. For example, some people are addicted to gambling, and the result is often either ruin or Family Ruined. For example, some people are addicted to money, so long as he can rely on power to swallow the sea and drink, he will make a lot of money, and will never be satisfied, and the final result will only be discredited and ruined. Let's take another example. Some people are addicted to sex. They spend money like dirt or spend money like wine. The end result is not to damage their longevity, die, or die of a bad disease or not die well..

   Obviously, this hobby really needs to be legitimate, healthy and beneficial. If each of us can be as obsessed with a certain subject as mathematicians, writers, calligraphers or any other family, then we will certainly make a great cause beneficial to society and mankind.. Because it is: people have hobbies over beliefs..





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