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   Some 500 words after reading secretly

   Lin Haiyin's "Secrets of Reading" said that when she was young, her family was poor and had no money to buy books, and she loved reading very much, so she often went to inside, a bookstore, hid in an inconspicuous place and read quietly. Because she only read but did not buy books, she said it was "stealing reading.".

   Because it was "stolen reading", it was very difficult. sometimes, a book was not finished on the same day and could not be found the next day. sometimes, a book could not be finished until several bookstores. what made her happiest was that it rained heavily during reading, because then she could stay in the store to study openly and avoid the suspicion of "stolen reading".

   Looking at the complete text, I feel as if I have returned to the era of "stealing reading". This kind of experience and feeling are so cordial.. Although it is about half a century later than Lin Haiyin, our generation may have some such experiences more or less.. From primary school to junior high school and even high school, books other than textbooks can be said to be a luxury. It is rare to buy one or two books. Although the library of my father's unit also has some books, they are often used books. New books are like oases in desert inside. They are few and often in name only, because they have been borrowed by others for a long time.. Therefore, from time to time, we also go to the bookstore to do some "stealing reading" activities. when the author describes the taste of "stealing reading", which is very happy and very afraid, he is really concerned.

   Lin Haiyin's teacher said that you grew up not only eating but also studying.. This sentence is very good.! If a nation only knows how to eat but not how to read, its future will be extremely dark and terrible.. The value of "stealing reading" is just like a torch, which hides darkness and lets us see light and hope..

   Fortunately, I have never met such a hateful bookstore owner as the one in this article. Perhaps I was "reading secretly" much later than Lin Haiyin, and society has made some progress somewhat.? My hometown is a small town. There are only one or two bookstores in the image, and I am a frequent visitor there.. Now that I think about it, when I "stole" the book, there was no reason why the store staff could not find it. He/they just pretended not to see it? Perhaps, he/she has also had the experience of "stealing reading". In his heart, inside originally understood and praised "stealing reading"? Anyway, here I would like to say: thank you! Thank you for your tolerance or negligence, whether intentional or unintentional.

   Some 500 words after reading secretly

   The new semester begins. The first text we learn in Chinese class is "Secretly Reading Notes".

   This text was written by famous Taiwanese writer Lin Haiyin.. The main content of the article is as follows: When Lin Haiyin was a child, he secretly ran to the bookstore after school every day. He only read books instead of buying them, just for stealing them.. Every time Lin Haiyin walked to the door of the bookstore, she felt relieved to see many customers. But immediately after she felt relieved, she was worried that the book she had not read would be sold out.? At that time, she was really in a complicated mood.! So she stepped into the shop door, squeezed into the crowd of inside, eager to find the book. After finding it, she greedily read the book, but if it was sold out, she had to go to the next one to look for it. for this reason, sometimes a book can't be read out until several bookstores.. Every time she reads the fluorescent lamp of the bookstore, she reluctantly leaves the bookstore.. Outside the bookstore, she would always think of a sentence said by her Chinese teacher, which means: food feeds the body, while books feed the soul. A healthy person is one whose knowledge and wisdom are constantly increasing..

   After reading this text, I thought: Lin Haiyin was born in that era, Conditions of Learning was so poor, she also secretly read books, and most likely she was expelled by the bookstore owner and reprimanded by some adults. However, all these can't quench her love of books and thirst for knowledge. She is really a talented person who can read and continue studying in this environment.! Today, some of our classmates don't study hard in such a good environment. It's really a pity. My parents worked hard to earn money just to create a better reading environment for us..

   I think: If I can give full play to Lin Haiyin's learning spirit in class, be more active, bolder and more vigorous, and be more lively after class, it would be better..

   Some 500 words after reading secretly

   In today's Chinese class, we learned a text entitled "Secretly Reading Notes". The text mainly tells the story of writer Lin Haiyin who went to a bookstore to steal books when he was a child.. It made me deeply understand.

   There are many inconveniences in stealing a book. First, trouble. It can be seen from this sentence that "sometimes it takes several bookstores to read a book.". "It is possible to finish reading in two bookstores, and it may be three, four, five, six or even more. It will take several miles. What a bother! Second, afraid of being discovered, Lin Haiyin came up with an idea: hide beside adults and pretend to be his relatives.. The book reads, "Sometimes I stick to an adult's side as if I were his little sister or daughter.". "Although there is a way to hide yourself, but you also have to pay attention to ah, I don't think anyone would like to panic reading. Third, tired, "my leg is really sour, I have to alternate with the other leg support, sometimes leaning against the bookcase, in order to have a temporary rest. "imagine, if you stand for more than two hours in a row, legs must be numb are fast walking. Even in the face of so many inconveniences, Lin Haiyin did not give up the chance to read. This shows how much she loves reading.!

   The so-called stealing reading means going to the bookstore to read books instead of buying them. Lin Haiyin went to the bookstore to steal reading because she had no money to buy books.. I have such good conditions now, and there are so many books in my family, such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin and Journey to the West … I seldom read them, while Lin Haiyin, at that time, because her family had no money, had to go to the bookstore inside to steal books. She not only did not give up, but also worked very hard. One stop in the bookstore inside was two hours, which was how much she loved reading.! In the future, I will learn from Lin Haiyin and be a reader.!

   Some 500 words after reading secretly

   I read an article in my textbook today, entitled "Secretly Reading Notes". The content of the article is as follows: The author rushed to the bookstore to read books after school. The so-called "stealing reading" means not buying books after reading. Customers think rainy days are the best time to steal books, because there are many customers, and the boss will not notice himself: and rainy days also have good reasons to stay in the bookstore all the time..

  The author reads secretly in the bookstore inside. He is both happy and afraid. Happiness means that the author feels the wisdom and happiness brought by the book in reading.. The "fear" in the article means that they are afraid of being reprimanded and coaxed out of secretly reading books when they are discovered by the boss and the clerk..

   When the author was a child, his family was very poor and could not afford books, but he liked drinking very much and wanted to study, so he had to secretly study in inside, a bookstore. My family condition was much better than that of the author's family.. I am not as happy and scared as the author, but very happy to read, sucking knowledge from the book like a hungry child.. Books have opened the door of countless knowledge to me, allowing me to swim in the ocean of knowledge in inside. It is as if I have wings. After reading a book, I have added infinite strength to these wings..

   Nowadays, many students do not cherish the rich life and excellent learning environment.. All day long I just want to play with the computer and watch TV. My mind is all on playing. My results have plummeted.. Parents and teachers are very worried. I want to put all the strength of play on study, and his or her academic performance will definitely improve.. (责任编辑:admin)




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