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   Study, what an elegant noun! It is easy to think of a scholarly family.. Book fragrance is opposite to copper stink.. In fact, books are not necessarily fragrant and copper is not necessarily smelly.. Zhou Yi and dings of Shang dynasty, the ancient color spots are rotten, and all day long they are not smelly. Only when they are cast into coins can they be stained with the taste of gigman. However, cloth and silk textiles Dao that is no longer in circulation is often used by experts to enjoy it.. The reason why the book is fragrant is probably that the pine smoke ink is printed with burrs and history, and the peculiar smell emanating from inside, a poorly ventilated study, is not Guifulan Kaori, nor is it rotten or rancid. It is a mixed and indescribable peculiar smell.. This peculiar smell is only found in inside, the study, and only in scholar-bureaucrat families.. This is probably the name of the scholarly family..

   Most of the students studying hard under the cold window have no study, not to mention those who cut walls in Capsule Firefly.. Therefore, for the readers in destitute, the study is a luxurious fairy world beyond their reach.. Yi Shizhen's "Lang Huan Ji": "Zhang Hua swam in the cave palace and met a person who led him to one place. It is not heaven and earth. Each room has its own unique books. The Chinese calendar looks at all the books in the room, all of which are from before the Han Dynasty. Many people have never heard of them. They ask their places and say,' Heaven and earth are blessed too.'. "This is an ideal place for a reader to meditate. It is based on fairy dreams.. In fact, apart from the destitute, who can't talk about the study any more, the average reader can still arrange a study well if he wants one.. Some people have allocated a house to raise Foghorn Leghorn, while others have allocated a house to raise dogs, but they cannot spare a room for study.. I have also met a rich intellectual who has neither a study nor a desk. I personally saw his son reading on the floor and his daughter writing on the sofa with a board..

   A normal good family, every child should have a desk, the owner should have a study. The purpose of the study is to store books and to read and write in it. It is not for public exhibition to make people proud.. "Husband has Thousands Of Books, why false south city! "This kind of words seems to be very natural and unrestrained and proud, is actually the heart has not yet Ann helpless just to make oneself feel satisfied language, ACTS to see her husband. The study is neither large nor well equipped, so it suits your needs.. Confined in a corner of a corridor a few feet wide, it can still be used as a reading and writing factory to deliver large quantities of goods as long as there is a desk.. The light is better, the air needs to circulate, and it is unnecessary to add fragrance to the red sleeves. Without fragrance, the words "raise your wrists and lengthen your sleeves" will make people feel different.. The size of the study is often out of proportion to the level of a student's achievements in reading and writing.. Many famous works were written by inside in prison..

   The elegant study I have seen should be ranked first by Mr. Chunfang Song's thatched cottage. On a small hill in Qingdao, the study is not connected to his residence but a separate one.. The environment is quiet and peaceful, with only birds and flowers singing and flowers fragrant, and no hubbub in the market.. "Taiping settle saying": "Li De Mao has accumulated grave books and is called Book City.". "I think the bookstore may not be able to compare with the principal wood Lu. Here, all books are placed in glass cabinets in inside. The cabinets are tall, but not as tall as the buildings.. I remember that the collection of books is dominated 天狮娱乐 by French plays.. All the books are hardcover, not buckram, some are bound in real calf leather (), gilded words gleaming on the spine. Perhaps this has exceeded the standard of the study, slightly close to the nature of the library, because he still has a finely printed bibliography, and no ordinary reader will catalog the books in inside in his study..

   Mr. Zhou Zuoren's study in Badaowan, Beiping, formerly known as Kuyu Zhai, was later changed to Kucha Temple, which has a bitter taste.. A small banner was written by Shen Yinmo. It is a Beiping bungalow. The study occupies three rooms in the upper room of inside Hospital, with two bright and one dark.. One of them was a place where the old man of Zhitang studied and wrote. Occasionally, he also invited guests to have tea. The windows were clean and spotless.. Four Treasures of the Study is in good order on the desk.. The two outside are like stacks, with about ten or eight shelves standing in the middle. The books are both Chinese and western, and the number of Japanese documents is very large.. I really don't understand how the old monk of Kucha Temple fell into the mud and couldn't wash it for a lifetime.!

   Wen Yiduo's study is as full, interesting and messy as Mr Wen's desk.. His books are all Chinese and almost all thread-bound books.. When he was in Qingdao, he imitated Qingdao University Library's method of storing Chinese books, made blue cloth covers for complete sets of Chinese documents, wrote the title of the song characters in white powder, and stood upright on the bookshelf.. This kind of equipment should be very neat and tidy, but the owner has to make a textual research, one book from east to west will be taken down from the shelves to participate in rex sacrifice, the result is short couch, on the floor. The only plush chair made of wooden Tree-root carving is full of books.. The plush chair is exquisite and hard. It can be used for painting and is not suitable for sitting. In fact, it is not suitable for stacking books. However, it is the most conspicuous ornament in his study..

   Pan Guangdan's study in Nanjing Museum, Tsinghua, has another interest.. He is a scholar who studies genealogy in our country with the accomplishment of eugenics experts, and his study is very rich in such books.. He likes to use books, that is to use two boards to hold a set of books together and stand on the bookshelf..He attached a bamboo bookmark to each set of books and signed it with the title of the book.. This kind of bookmark is really unique. I wonder if the bookmark of the so-called "bookmark medicine inside Fengchen Net" in Fu Du's "There will be a work on the way to the thatched cottage" is this thing.. Guang Dan has been in Peiping all the time. He has lost his freedom of academic research, lost his spouse in his old age, and lost his sight again. I think the bookmarks in his study have already been sealed off.!

   Abundant sweat is not necessarily a blessing.. In the midst of mourning, Niu Jiangan will find peace.? How many book lovers have abandoned the books they have painstakingly gathered and can no longer afford to rebuild a decent study.. It is indeed necessary to have a large collection of books. For example, once upon a time there was a small-sized book collection in our house, which was filled with shelves that were lined with Liang Qi and leaned against the whole gable wall. It was inconvenient to climb up and down with ladders to take the books on the upper floor, but sometimes a large number of shelves were still necessary.. After I came to Taiwan, on a whim, I built a large bookshelf connected to the wall. Neighbor silk merchants came to visit and sighed, "What's the use of building such a large wooden shelf? It's also suitable to arrange silk ruler heads for me.". "His words are good, books cannot make people rich.. Books also bring trouble to people. It is good to bask in the sun on July 7, just like Hao Long. Otherwise, one cannot afford food and clothing. It is better to pack books into one's stomach as much as possible. It is convenient to bask in and transport them.. If books can be made into "microfilm" and incorporated into the abdomen, or screened in the brain inside, then the study becomes unnecessary..





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