Strange memories forget the trembling of love.

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   Let go of the silent love, bear the pain disappeared in the crowd, love cooled the temperature of the snow in the precipitation of time, wandering in the mirror and forgotten in the same place, quit the dust gradually dissipated in the memory.. The shadow of my back is blurred in the snow, frozen in the tears of winter, the cross in my heart.. Do you still have the slightest touch in your heart if you don't give up in the mask Empty fantasies make the world continue from enthusiasm to indifference.. Don't understand every flicker of eyes, silly we always pay a price, but we really don't understand the feelings of choice. Affectation is only a sharp weapon to hurt the other party in the true feelings of flour..

   Injury after injury is because we naively believe that love is rewarding.. In the shadow of residual love, the overloaded heart does not look back sadly, and sneer at the loss of temperature in love inside. The mistake is meaningless mistake, never understanding each other's hearts, always emphasizing the return of love.. It's the wrong heart to love.. Satirize one's own heart. What I said and did, how long will we lie to each other?. Right or wrong, we are not nostalgic for each other's hearts, nor are we coaxing each other's feelings. Only blame fate is not enough. Only blame the rain didn't get wet rain don't understand love. After some things, we can know that love songs were originally tailored for ourselves..

   Can we understand the renewed love Can we know that we need each other's hearts? Warm the cold air with your heart. Strange memories shuttle in the tacit understanding of emotions. I'm just a supporting role in the scribble of life. I can't see my mediocrity and degeneration in the play.. In life, we know that the feeling of keeping close to each other may not produce results. Love is never so affected. We have forgotten ourselves when we were hurt by love.. Silly enough to forget oneself forget what kind of life is needed for love.. Mediocre life loses romantic 天狮娱乐 consciousness, overloaded memory and tired dream of looking at the gray sky.. Forget the girl who let herself hold.. Looking forward to the future world, believe in disappointment and haste..

   The whirling shade of the tree cannot hide the throbbing of the heart, the silence of dust in the air, the layer-by-layer peeling-off of life's smile becoming farther and farther away, the distance between the two sides becoming out of reach in the secular world, the complexity and impulsiveness of simple love thoughts, and the touch of a touch like the climax in a song losing its eternal charm..

   Efforts for love may not give each other The Student/L' étudiante. The heartstrings touched by each other are as bland as a glass of water.. The heart gently sways and ripples in the wind, watching love gradually pass away. If we meet the wrong person at the right time, perhaps the right person we meet at the right place and time will not be treasured.. Laughed! Cry! Is it tears in eyes, or paleness blurred by looking back at past lives, who may have lost, the drop of tears, or the emotion that paid no result. From then on, I smiled coldly as I stood in the rain during the rainy season and winter. I laughed so sadly..

   The word silly can't say for sure whether it is positive or negative.. People who love each other say you are stupid, but they really like you.. When your good friend said you were stupid, it was obvious that you were not worth it for this relationship.. We are desperate to burn ourselves for love.. Time has erased the passion of love and mutual trust.. What is lost is only the share of solidarity.. I smiled!





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