The Story of Confucius: A Practical Confucius

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   The Story of Confucius: A Practical Confucius

   On one occasion, Zilu asked Confucius how people would fare when they died. Confucius said, "The problem of living has not been solved. What should we do when we die?"? "

   Zilu asked again: "How should we treat ghosts and gods?"? Confucius said: "We haven't treated people well yet. What about ghosts and gods?"! "

   This is how Confucius valued practical problems and did not like empty talk.. Confucius also seldom talked about weird, force, chaos, ghosts and gods.. In terms of the principle of being a human being, Confucius 天狮娱乐 would not allow it if it were raised too high and not practical..

   Zigong once said: "I don't want others to treat me, and I don't want to treat others the same way.". "Confucius said:" give, this is not what you can do now! "





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