You are the one who makes me smile the most brightly and cry

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   I want to be with you, but I just think about it..

   I know you don't like me, you just like me and like you.

   Every time I sneeze, I will lie to myself that you miss me

   4. Every night, he is afraid that I will secretly play with the computer and not sleep quietly. He will remotely control my computer and turn it off for me personally..

   The person I love most in my life is not my lover.

   Can you refuse me outright so that I can give up

   7. guess which superhero do I want to be most. ""Spiderman? Superman? Batman? ""nothing is right, your man.."

   8, I like the person, he has a warm body.

   9. I don't 天狮娱乐 want to let go but find myself unable to catch you..

   10. I like your cool and hard appearance in front of others and your good appearance of being goofy and soft with me..

   11. I am afraid that I care too much, and you will be afraid to shrink back, get bored, abandon, feel unreasonable, and then leave

   12. Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, it is mine to lose you, or mine to win you

   13. I want to go to Denmark to see for myself what Andersen called love.

   14, I think we can always be together, together for a long time!

   15. Can I hug you? How about warm each other

   16. You are one inch from the fourth rib of my left chest to inside

   17. Don't be afraid. No matter what the road ahead is, I will accompany you all the time..

   We will stay together until we die..

   19. My most insidious, worst and biggest plot is to make you fall in love with me.

   20, compound feelings eventually have barriers

   21. Forgive my ridiculous obstinacy but do not know that you have a deep love for her in your heart.

   No matter how many promises you make, if you can't do it, it's just a lie..

   23. If you want your daughter-in-law not to be separated from you, spoil her so that no one can accept her.

   24. In fact, the person I miss has long died in time inside.

   25. The wedding I want need not be as extravagant as Ziqiao said, but the groom, the best man and the bridesmaid I just want to be you..

   26. We all abandon each other, but none of us said we would leave.

   27, Hu Yifei is afraid of losing Xiaoxian Zeng, afraid of Norland take him away.

   28, a I love you, not together

   29. First love is not necessarily the first person, but the first person who makes you feel love and put yourself in danger.

   It is not easy to get here. I will love him very much..

   31, must be a special fate, can all the way to become a family

   The shadow under your feet is my missing for you..

   33, suddenly thought of Romance in the Rain inside, He Shuhuan came back from the war, holding Yiping on the platform and saying over and over again that I love Away from Her

   34. It is better to cry on your lover's shoulder for a night than to exhibit on the cliff for a thousand years.

   35, loathe to give up your person is me, caring about you is me

   36. I used to like a person so much that I could never see anyone else again.

   37, if you choose to close to me, then please stay with me for a long time.

   38. You are the one who makes me smile most brightly and cry most thoroughly.

   39, you are unfair, somehow, I feel obliged to love you.

   40, have you ever said offline, in fact is to change online stealth.

   41. I love every word of your name inside

   42, love is not the first sweet, but after the prosperous inseparable

   43. You should love someone who will not give up on you no matter what.

  The sunshine and you are the future I want.

   45. I am on my lover's blacklist inside.





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