Waiting at Cross Street

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   Waiting at Cross Street

   Let's get married naked.

   Liu Yu is an older youth who was introduced to Yao Jie some time ago.. The two had a good impression of each other and soon entered the stage of marriage..

   When it comes to marriage, Liu Yu is worried. Why?? Because in the city of inside, he has no house, car or ticket.. Yao Jie and his situation is similar. A total of two people: "isn't naked marriage popular nowadays?"? Why don't we also get married naked? It's fashionable and saves money.. "

   Liu Yu's parents were very happy and said, "We support your new job. We will set two tables of wine at home, please invite relatives and friends.. "

   Liu Yu said: "everything is simple. why don't you even save this one?". "

   My father said, "Well, I'll send you the money saved for the banquet and buy some furniture.". "Soon, my father did send ten thousand dollars.

   Liu Yu proudly said to Yao Jie, "Look, this saves 10,000 yuan.". Otherwise, the money has not been eaten in vain. This is the advantage of naked marriage.! "

   According to the meaning of Yao Jie, two people to travel nearby, is also a small celebration. Liu Yu agreed, but when he went to ask for leave, the leader said, "the company is very busy recently.". If you agree not to take marriage leave first, the company can give you three times your salary during this period of time.. After this busy period, the company can make up for your holiday again.. Young people, there are plenty of opportunities. "

   Liu Yu agreed. He came back and said to Yao Jie, "Why don't you just stop taking marriage leave and ask for three times the salary?". With the extra money together, we can buy a decent home appliance.. "

   Yao Jie seemed reluctant, but he did not object either..

   Yao Jie moved into Liu Yu's rented house and the two were married. Although the days were dull, they were happy..

   One day, when they passed a hunshayinglou, Yao Jie stopped. Liu Yu looked up, and on the huge advertisement, a couple embraced sweetly..

   Yao Jie grabbed his arm and said, "Let's take a wedding photo. All my office colleagues have it.". "Yao Jie pleading eyes let sessions some enchanted, but on second thought, he married, still take what wedding photos? That form is so important? So he said, "We want to get married naked, so we'll just get naked completely, so as not to make people laugh and avoid wedding photos.". "

   However, Yao Jie's foot seemed to be stuck. She stood still and shook his arm gently: "It's on sale. It won't cost much.". "Yao Jie's eyes glistened to soften Liu Yu's heart. He hurriedly pulled her away with a smile and said:" Do you really believe those deceptive tricks? Say it's a discount, you really took photos, and promised to let you pay one by one. Let's go. "

   Yao Jie red rim of the eye, under the pull of sessions, reluctant to leave the studio.

   What happened?

   Soon after, Liu Yu's company organized a trip to Hangzhou. He found a beautiful silk scarf in the shopping mall inside. He thought it must look 天狮娱乐 good on his wife's neck and bought it in The Devil's Messenger. On the way home, Liu Yu received a call from his sister saying that she was getting married..Liu Yu did not even think about it and said, "I bought you a beautiful silk scarf.". "

   When she got home, Yao Jie helped him pack up and found out the silk scarf. She gave a "wow" of surprise.. Liu Yu said hastily, "That's a wedding present for my sister.". "He saw the light in Yao Jie's eyes went out, the in the mind some remorse, he thought the next time there is a chance, must remember to buy her a gift. But after a long time, he forgot about it.

   Liu Yu was stationed in another city for three months because of his work needs..

   In these three months, Liu Yu did not call home because he was busy with his work and wanted to save money. It was also routine to send a text message occasionally..

   On the night of the expiration of his posting, he checked the phone bill and found that he could still play for a few minutes.. So I dialed the telephone at home and waited for a long time but no one answered.. He is a little anxious. Where will Yao Jie be at this late hour?? He remembered that she usually did not go out at night.. He began to dial her cell phone, although he asked for money, he did not care so much..

   The mobile phone is connected.

   "Wife, where are you? I miss you.. "Due to worry, usually don't say exports, unexpectedly once slipped out of sessions mouth today. Mobile phone inside didn't answer for a long time, and he vaguely heard Yao Jie's sobs..

   Liu Yu is a bit alarmed. He was so anxious that he asked again and again, "Wife, what's wrong with you?"? Did you suffer any injustice?? "

   Finally, he heard Yao Jie's voice: "If you really miss me, come back immediately. I'll wait for you at the crossroads.". "The voice is not big, but it is very clear, as if a word a word out.

   He had never heard Yao Jie speak in such a tone.. After the phone hung up, he jumped up, dressed and headed downstairs.. Fortunately, the distance between the two cities is not far away, so he decided to take a taxi..

   When the driver said the price, he didn't even make a counter-offer.. Although this time, he used up all the money he had saved for three months, he didn't care because he wanted to see Yao Jie right away, right away!

   Some things cannot be saved

   He got off the bus at the cross street. A girl in a red trench coat was standing on the street. The back of her figure moved people.. He knocked on his head, what time is it, also The accident!

   Just then, the girl turned around and turned out to be Yao Jie.! Yao Jie stood in the rain without an umbrella.. Her face was wet and her lips were purple with cold..

   Seeing Liu Yu, she cried. Liu Yuyi took her in his arms and said, "Don't cry, don't cry, I'm not back? Please tell me what happened? "

   Yao Jie smiled through tears and said, "Nothing, just missing you.". Come on, I'll take you to meet someone. "sessions confused, this late at night, to see who ah?

   Yao Jie took him into a very luxurious restaurant.. Entering the private room, a handsome man sat at the table.. Yao Jie held Liu Yu's hand tightly and said to the man, "This is my husband. I'll take him to meet you.". "

   On the way back, Liu Yu finally knew what was going on. The man, a vice president of a company, once chased Yao Jie in college.. Two weeks ago, in an activity organized by his unit, he saw Yao Jie and began to ask her out like crazy..

   "Are you tempted?"Sessions look straight into the eyes of Yao Jie.

   Yao Jie bowed his head: "After two years of marriage, I think you are getting colder and colder to me. I don't know if you really care about me.". I often feel that my life is very miserable and I want to find someone to talk to.. He asked me out many times, but I was very contradictory and did not promise him.. The same is true for tonight. I came to the cross street. I don't know if I should go any further..

   "At that time, I said to myself in my heart, if you call at this time, I won't go. Unexpectedly, the mobile phone really rang. When I heard you say' I miss you', my tears came down. Only then did I understand that I never cared about others. I just want to make sure that you still love me . Husband, in order to punish myself, I waited for you in the rain for three hours, don't you blame me? "

   Liu Yu held out his hand and held his wife tightly in his arms..

   Two people hug to each other walking in the street, as if a pair of The Favor.

   When passing by that hunshayinglou, Liu Yu said to his wife emotionally, "Let's take wedding photos tomorrow, the best one."! " (责任编辑:admin)




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