A very beautiful and touching love letter

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   What Is Love? Some people say that love is "people are thinner than yellow flowers", while others say that love is "people gaunt for Iraq". Through the ages, many literati and poets have written beautiful love letters. Here are some beautiful love letters for you to express, touching your sister's heart..

   At night in Dubai, I stood in the room of Akiman apartment building, pushing the window to overlook, hanging aloft for a long time, watching the lights of fishing boats moored in the Arabian Gulf light up, listening to the song "A wisp of love" sung by Lee Mao-shan in the sound system. In an instant, my heart was covered by a thick haze, and a kind of unspeakable memory poured in like a flood..

   Cold moon, lonely night, I am the only one quietly singing, quietly intoxicated. The dream once lost, the scar once left in my heart, will inadvertently touch my inexplicable sadness.. The 天狮娱乐 feeling of helplessness and loneliness can only be comforted at this moment..

   Sit on the screen and clear your mind.. The wind outside the window lightly buckled the window lattice and banged on the inner loneliness.. At the moment I just want to put my miss for you, bit by bit filter, bit by bit show. Scissors of thoughts, fragmented mood, has let oneself deep in sorrow with love.

   How much affection I used to have/how far apart I am now/do you still miss my tender feelings for you/I am a person with rich emotions, and when I am alone, I always feel a faint gloomy mood for no reason and stir up my long-standing memory..

   When I woke up in my dream, I realized that the feeling of loneliness was carefree. I don't know why I feel so sad for those who have abandoned me.? I don't know why I am still so sad for those who have forsaken me.? All I know is that my heart is very painful and painful. It is so painful that I cannot extricate myself. Tears have turned into heartbreak..

   Looking out of the window at the bright moon, let my thoughts wander in free time and space.. On such a night, I have become accustomed to dancing with words, and I have become accustomed to letting my heart be free in the crisp percussion.. That Intouchable's heartbreak, Fermentation starter's tortuous life, long and short memories loom. The sadness that could not be unloaded, the thick acacia wisps, were all released in a flash..

   Flowers bloom and fall, the moon is full and the moon is short, and the seasons are in cycle. Such a sight always stirs up my thoughts and makes me deep in thought..

   Put on a piece of music, I want to comfort the loneliness and loneliness in my heart and quietly collect the memory of yesterday, but my face is covered with drops of clear tears and melted into strands of lovesickness..

   Although you and I have never met, the network lets you and I meet, although you and I are separated by thousands of inside, the space lets you and I have no distance..

   The journey of life is long and far away.. Lonely oneself, I do not know when to meet the right person? Alone, I don't know where I can meet someone I like.? Although all this is really unpredictable, however, it may be another opportunity in life.!

   The world of mortals is predestined friends, you and I are strangers. In the dim light, I can vaguely see your fluttering hair and lapel sleeves as sweet as yesterday's fragrance, and your clear rhyme as lotus lingering in my mind.. I was deeply attracted, I like it silently, I am deeply in love, but each side of the sky can only look at each other, not together, I have no choice but to send a wisp of lovesickness to the moon.

   It is really unintentional, but it is sentient and comforting in a foreign country..

   A wisp of acacia, how much clear sorrow dreams depend on each other.

   My love for you keeps me awake at night.. At midnight in lonely Dubai, I felt my heart beating, I heard my heart breathing, it was calling to you one after another, it was thinking of you continuously..

   A wisp of lovesickness, a wisp of love, the sea withers and the rocks crumble forever..

   Although it is so far apart, I still miss you.

   My waiting for you, my expectation for you, in the stream of time in inside, will be composed into countless moving movements, I am crooning my most real feelings .





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