Classic Love Letter from Wife to Husband

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   Suddenly I want to write a love letter to you very much.. Because our love doesn't even have a "proof", which is really a pity.. hehe.

   My dear, are you sleeping now. Dream inside saw your beautiful wife me? My pig, unconsciously, we have been in love for nearly ten months.! Ten months sounds like a long time.! But why do I feel like I'm only blink of an eye? Perhaps I am too happy and happy, so I feel that time seems to pass very fast.. After ten months with you, inside, I feel like a happy princess. Close your eyes and open your eyes, you can see my beloved prince beside me.. When I am angry, when I am sad, when I cry, when I am happy, when I am happy, you are by my side and have always supported me.. Thank you, my dear fool!

   I always feel like dreaming when I think of what we saw at the beginning.. How did I get to be with you How did we begin to love each other again? In spite of this, I still clearly remember the first date with the scene.. At that time, you felt so strange! But sitting on the chair in inside of Cunjin Park, you and I chatted in the southeast and northwest.. I can't remember what I talked about, but I clearly remember a sentence you said at that time, "do you use your lungs to talk?"? "I was so stupid, what do you mean. What do you mean by "nonsense"! At that time, I really thought you were funny! Perhaps it is because of your little humor that I have a little 天狮娱乐 affection for you.. Starting with you, I thought it was just a game. I thought I would get tired of it in less than two weeks.. But unexpectedly, after so long, I like you more and more.! I remember the feeling of shopping with you for the first time, strange and novel, really wonderful.. In this way, we walked down all the way. Although there were occasional disturbances along the way, on the whole, we all loved each other very much through those days, right? Dear, thank you for your concern, favor and tolerance for me along the way.. I know that I am indeed a child who is too willful and demanding too much.. I have always known how good you are to me, but I am too greedy. I seem to think that what you give is not enough.. Maybe I love you too much. Do you know My heart has never been as stable as it is now.. Because of you, I no longer look around. Because of you, my heart is no longer cold. Because of you, my heart has a safe home.. I know that I am really not a competent girlfriend. Many times, I want to be gentle and considerate to you and care for your comments, but I don't know why my temper always comes so easily.. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I have always wanted to work hard, but I am really too willful, like a spoiled child, even if I know I am wrong, I still stubbornly want to get that candy. I have always told myself to be happy simply and not cry because I can't get sugar.. But I always involuntarily willful. Dear, I made you hard. I know that when I lose my temper, your heart must be more miserable than mine.. It's my fault. I will try my best to change it.. Trust me.

   I like lying in your arms, because your arms are so warm and stable.. At that time, I was your little woman, your little woman, and your arms were my world.. I like you to kiss my forehead, kiss my eyes and kiss my lips, because you are so gentle and affectionate, and I feel like a treasure to you.. This feeling is really good happiness.No matter how our future is, at least we have loved each other so much and I have been so happy that I am satisfied.! Really satisfied! I know there are many things we can't do, such as time, such as space . but at least we have tried (Meiwen. COM. Cn ), this is enough, right? So, for our love, we should be good, hard, careful management, ok?

   I can't remember when I began to love you. At the beginning, I thought I didn't love you, I just liked it.. But I can't remember when my missing for you began to change every minute, my worry for you became day and night, and when my heart began to ache for you, I knew that I fell in love with you, so really, so deeply, with this man whom I loved so much.. So, I began to want to love you well, take good care of you, want to make my man happy, happy smile every day. However, I am really useless. I will only lose my temper with you and regret why I did this to you after I lost my temper.. What a fool! An Egyptian can't even control his temper. hehe! Fortunately, my dear is a good man with good temper, otherwise I would be miserable.! However, I promise you, from now on, I will not be so capricious. Because I want to make my dear happy. But dear, you also have to promise me to give up smoking, ok? I just worry about you, just want to be good for you, I believe you will understand, right? I have written a long letter, but what I want to say seems like I can't finish it for days and nights.. For you, no matter when, there are always thousands of words, but I think words are redundant.. Because seeing you, I just want to be quiet in your arms, in my world inside..

   Well, this love letter is written here. I'm afraid it's too long to scare you away. I don't even want to read it. Then I'm not Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex?  hehe. (Keep this love letter well, or it will look good to you.)!!! Know what)

   Good night, my good husband!





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