Beautiful sentences describing happiness

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   Beautiful sentences describing happiness

   Love is on the left, compassion is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sowing seeds and flowering at any time, and embellishing the long journey with fragrant flowers, so that pedestrians who wear branches and brush leaves will not feel pain, tears can fall, but not sad..

   In fact, it is a kind of happiness to have someone else arrange your life, just like not thinking, it is also a kind of happiness. Who can tell me how many angels 天狮娱乐 are silent in the sky when I can smile and say to others that the happiest thing I feel is to have sleep.

   In the blue world, I smell the fragrance of gardenia, haunt the tip of my nose and suddenly recall the caring faces one by one.. I know, I am very happy, because of your care..

   Fog inside looks at flowers and water looks at the moon. Who can distinguish this unpredictable world? Tao walks yunfei, flowers bloom and fade, who can grasp this swaying season.

   Happiness is: buy two lollipops, one for you to watch me eat and the other for me to watch you eat.!

   I have always wanted to let others know my mood, those heavy, those sad and desolate things that cannot be told. however, how do I draw all my life wheels for you on shallow paper? how do I let you understand? just, do you think I am a farce, or do you have your own happiness or tears because I am happy or close the door?.





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