Couples Leave Sad sentence

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   Couples Leave Sad sentence

   1. You left, leaving that sentence behind. In my tranquil Heart Lake, there are dazzling ripples and mysterious dreams.

   2. The setting sun sends you to start on a journey, the wind sends you on a long journey, leaving rosy clouds empty at night.. When will you COMe back, the moon will fall by the window, and both will become shadows.?

   3. Although your parting smile was only a short moment, it was taken on the negative of my heart and left eternity behind.. I always hold it in the palm of my thoughts. The image is so real and clear.!

   4. Dry your tears! To be gratified, because we have formed Holy Alliance to worship love.. For the sake of sweet Asmara Moerni, we can endure all pains and misfortunes and can withstand separation and poverty..

   5, know the sea for three years, don't send a book between clouds.

   6, I don't have the heart to wave, because it is farewell; I dare not to shake hands because I don't know when to wait..

   7, really heard from your mouth no longer love me, is so at a loss. You have taken everything from me, leaving only an empty shell and a broken heart..

   8. How many stories have you and I gone through in a 天狮娱乐 hurry, how many indelible memories are there in the heart of vicissitudes of life, and the real future will tell you more truth and make the past stories light.

   9, is right or wrong has passed, although you are no longer stubborn you, but I am no longer wandering me. Therefore, we still have to pass by with the deepest attachment..

   10, don't have to stay together, don't have to pledge of eternal love, just remember the moonlit night, just remember the hour, and the affectionate kiss.

   11. Even if I leave you at a distance, I will not be separated from you, because in my heart inside is already full of memories of you … the sleepy and tender lips and eyes will torture my memory heartily..

   12, last night, the moon was hazy, I quietly sent you away, from now on, the sky has a tearful little star.

   13. The sorrow of parting is getting far away and endless, and all the way is like spring water..

   14, spoony side destined to hurt the deepest, spoony end up empty since ancient times.

   15. The spring breeze is rising again in the small building. Thùy Chi is drifting from west to east, remembering the parting, folding willows and sending letters. A few degrees of autumn and winter, flying geese come and go in a hurry. When will you return from your career, drink freely and interpret your dreams again??

   16. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and powerless language is.. There is always a gap between words and feelings..

   17. I know that our breakup has hit you hard.. I don't know how to comfort you, but things have already happened, ( Cn) I hope you can put down the knot in your heart and give us a new starting point of life.. There is a cloud: "It's good to gather and disperse.". "

   18. The woods we have roamed, the blue, yellow and pink flowers we have watched, everything is still the same.. When will you come back, we'll travel together again?

   19, leave you, no matter how long, always hope for a moment, you will appear in front of you.

   20. Break up silently, just as we met silently at the beginning.. May the warm breeze here bring you my affectionate wishes and prayers..

   21, the vast sea of people, let you and I meet and leave in an instant, but you and I will always know each other and tacit understanding.

   Tears of parting are pure pearls. may we cherish her for each other..

   Dear, let me call you like this for the last time. I have to go. although I have a lot to give up, I firmly believe that it is time for me to go.. Goodbye, darling.! Take care!

   24. Sex Is Zero, Mutual Relations; The heart is a Buddhist temple, and by reason of its fate, how can one plan to indulge in wild activities?? Happy every day, enjoy every natural minute.!

   25. Sending a message of floating clouds and sunset clouds to my heart: I will always be waiting for you, even if it is the ends of the earth..





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