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   Sentences describing Chinese New Year

   Looking forward to, looking forward to, the Spring Festival is finally in our expectation, the wind and the wind Hee came here. Although the weather is cold, it can't stop the happy New Year: Le Ballon Rouge on the treetops, red lanterns under the eaves, flaming firecracker crumbs on the ground, red couplets posted at the door of every household, and red envelopes held by children's hand inside all witnessed the joy brought to us by the Spring Festival.. On New Year's Eve, thousands of families overflowed with laughter, the streets and lanes rang with "crackling" firecrackers, and colorful fireworks rose from time to time in the sky.. The night sky is like a large TV screen, showing wonderful programs celebrating the New Year. It is really "the bright lights celebrate the New Year, and the laughter and laughter greet the New Year."!

  [Sentence 2]Years have be COMe tickets for inside. No matter how far and wide, snow, rain, wind and frost, going home for the New Year has become everyone's eager wish. In 2002, it became a small supermarket in inside with inside's bags and car trunk. The year 2000 also became a string of New Year greetings from relatives and friends in inside by telephone. Years has become the mother's expectation, the child's desire and the gathering of relatives. For reunion, for the affection and love condensed in my heart! Years change the appearance, but they can never change the desire of family affection and the deep-rooted traditional festival of 2008 in everyone's heart.! Because affection is the eternal root!

   Today is the 30th of the year.. In the morning, the golden sunshine spread all over the earth.. My mother and I went shopping happily in the street. The street seemed to have changed overnight. The street was decorated with lights and was very lively. Every household was decorated with "Fu (character)", couplets and red lanterns.. Dressed in festive costumes, people walked to various markets with smiles on their faces, some shopping, some watching, a joyful and detailed scene..

  [sentence 4]It is the Spring Festival of another year. Online shopping has begun to be busy, looking for a thick heart for one's beloved relatives and friends.. The crowded streets, the cries of small business vendors, the sound of shops' holiday promotions, the laughter of people coming and going from car to car, the frolic of children in groups of three or two, and the honking of traffic jams on the roads all remind the approaching footsteps of the year.. Red lanterns, auspicious couplets and all kinds of New Year pictures are filled with celebrations of the coming year.. The more so, the more I feel that "every year flowers are similar.". People vary from year to year. "The more so, the more I feel" the arrival of the Spring Festival, the more I think. ".

  [sentence 5]"Dangdang Dang ." As the New Year bell tolled, fireworks and firecrackers started to ring together.. My father and I took out the prepared fireworks and lit the fireworks barrel. We only heard a loud "bang". A Fireworks rose into the air. In a boom fast, the exploded fireworks seemed like a beautiful lotus flower spreading its petals in the air. At this moment, the fireworks erupted from the fireworks barrel again, like countless bright and bright meteors, twinkling in the sky . There were also other fireworks in the sky, some of them were strings of pearls, some were meteors, some were chrysanthemums, some were waterfalls . Let me see. Loud firecrackers, brilliant fireworks, flying in the sky, all kinds, colorful, embellish the sky into flowers, the night sky suddenly become dazzling. At this time, the scene was surrounded by the melody of laughter, firecrackers, shouts and music. It was really very lively..

   Last night, we fought back to the north, and now we are going east. I am strong in years, and I am still worried about farming without any salary.. Sangye plowed his father, and Hehoe followed the shepherd boy. The Tian family accounts for the climate, saying that this year is abundant..

  [Sentence 7]One year old in the crackle, the spring breeze sends warmth into Toso. Thousands of households always exchange new peaches for old ones on pupil day..

  [sentence 8]Xiao Shu white hair is not full of top, New Year's Eve round furnace waste sleep unexpectedly. Cut candles to dry the night snack wine and spend all the money to buy spring.. Listen to the burning of firecrackers in the childlike innocence, see for peach operator old xing partial. Add a plum blossom to the drum horn, and the 5th watch will celebrate the new year with laughter..

  [Sentence 9]Celebrate the New Year with laughter and clapping. Red Rock Ladies Give Plum Blossoms; Raise your glasses and respect each other's Toso wine. banquet is over will share the victory tea.. Only absolute devotion can serve the country, and there is no paradise for home. Accompanying Capital Singing and Dancing to Welcome Festivals, Seeing Yan 'an Scenery from afar.

  [Sentence 10]"Clean Day, Dusting and Sweeping Houses." According to Lu's Spring and Autumn Annals, China had the custom of Sweep the dust during the Spring Festival in Yao and Shun times.. According to the folk saying, because "dust" and "Chen" are homophonic, Sweep the dust has the meaning of "except Chen Buxin" in the Spring Festival. Its intention is to sweep away all bad luck and fortune. This custom reposes people's desire to break down the old and set up a new one and their prayer to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.. Every Spring Festival comes, every family has to clean the environment, clean all kinds of utensils, strip and clean bedding curtains, Sweep Liulu courtyard, dust horsetail whisk dirt cobweb, dredge open channel culvert. Everywhere there is a joyous atmosphere of joyous hygiene and clean Welcoming the New Spring..

   On New Year's Eve, under the guidance of adults, inside set off firecrackers in the courtyard.. Timid, I always hide in a corner of the yard and watch those colorful and gorgeous colors bloom. In an instant, the whole yard looks like a colorful world, illuminating every corner of the yard in inside and smiling faces one by one of our happy faces.. With laughter and crackling firecrackers, we are eager to grow up and look forward to a better tomorrow.! However, that kind of joy and expectation gradually became today's memories as the years went by and the age grew.. Looking back on childhood New Year's Day in New Year's Eve, the sight of inside holding an apple in his hand and falling asleep with sugar in his mouth makes one skip the faint bitterness and grief in his heart..

   Chinese New Year is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation and has been so for thousands of years.. No matter how high the court is, or how remote and wild the people are, whether they are dignitaries or ordinary people, they have always attached great importance to the Chinese New Year.. How was the Chinese New Year in ancient times? "Where does Night Song sell wax wine, whose home has a high candle waiting for the spring breeze?" Tang Dynasty poet Zhou Hongliang's verse describes the strong flavor of New Year's Eve in his hometown.. "In addition to the sound of firecrackers at the age of one, the spring breeze sends warmth into Toso. "Wang Anshi's famous Seven-words poem poem depicts the grand celebration of the Spring Festival for the ancient Chinese people.".

  [13th sentence]stick grilles and upside down the word "fu". Folk people also like to stick various paper cuts on windows-window grilles.. Window grilles not only enhance the festive atmosphere, but also integrate decoration, appreciation and practicability.. Paper-cut is a popular folk art in our country and has been loved by people for thousands of years. Because it is mostly pasted on windows, it is also called "window grilles".Window grilles, with 天狮娱乐 their unique generalization and exaggeration, fully express auspicious things and good wishes and decorate the festival with prosperity and magnificence..

  [sentence 14]Let's watch quietly as we look back on the years. Let's watch quietly and bless silently. In the face of the busy past year, let's empty the joys and sorrows carried by it and give Der Var Engang a relieved smile. Let us feel the warmth of family affection in the family reunion, let love sublimate in the reunion, and let blessings convey friendship. Let's light up new hopes in the lost mixed Chen Zhong, embark on a new journey and set sail easily for a new tomorrow.! Let's look at the country as a picture, listen to the years as a song, and taste the true love in the rich flavor of the year.!

  [sentence 15]New Year's Eve is the eve of the lunar new year. Every family is decorated with lights and is beaming. Firecrackers come and go one after another.. On New Year's Eve, candles should be lit to burn incense and worship ancestors and gods. Adults and children should take a bath. The clothes on that day should be washed on the same day and cannot be left until next year.. New Year's Eve is officially the New Year's Day. Adults and children have to keep their mouths shut. They can only say nice things. They are not allowed to swear any more. Sleeping is called eating, eating is called eating, and going out is called going out.. The whole family, old and young, gathered for the New Year's Eve dinner.. The New Year's Eve meal can be said to be grand. When I was a child, the New Year's Eve meal in meat diet was essential, mainly chicken, duck, fish, dumplings and rice cakes. At that time, it was also considered a luxury once a year.. At the New Year's Eve dinner, the family reunion, cups and plates crisscross and wish each other well.. The old man wishes the younger generation to be promoted step by step, the younger generation wish elders to be healthy and long-lived, and every family is immersed in a happy atmosphere.. After the New Year's Eve meal, there will be a "New Year's Eve", that is, a set of fires, a family gathering to chat, a collection of the harvest of the year, a set of expenses of the year, and a thought of the plan for the new year.. (责任编辑:admin)




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