Laugh at gain and loss, and the sky will be wide open.

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   Laugh at gain and loss, and the sky will be wide open.

   People, no letter, no communication, keep faith for a long time; Heart to heart, mutual respect gives birth to love, and mutual love gives birth to truth.. Don't deceive others, don't hurt others, don't hurt yourself.. It is difficult to trust a person, and it is even harder to trust a person again..

   Don't treat the kindness of others as weakness, it is a kind of magnanimity; Don't treat the tolerance of others as cowardice, it is a kind of compassion.. A good-tempered person does not get angry easily, which does not mean he will not get angry. People with weak temper are just playing dumb, which does not mean there is no bottom line.. Feelings cannot be perfunctory. The heart, cannot play with; Fate, cannot squander. Only when we treat love as love can we have true feelings. Equality and mutual love make the hearts of the people real..

   Why do you expose a person when you see him clearly? Why turn against someone when you hate them?. There are always people who don't like living, just as others don't like us.. The maturity of a person is not his age, but he knows how to give up, learn harmony and know that there is no dispute.. Some people do not feel pain but know that speaking is the same as not speaking. Those Rip Into Your Injury, not don't care, but understand the slowly repair.

   The more people grow up, the more they will understand. What they once cared about is not worth mentioning. The more mature the heart is, the more understanding it is, the more insipid and the most beautiful, and the most true is Qinghuan.. The heart of joining the WTO does things well. Everyone is simple when he is born.. Live, say simple is very simple actually, laugh at gain and loss will be vast; Only when the heart is transparent can spring blossom.. In life, there is no need to worry too much, to be open, to be open and to let go.. Something Just like This.

   The pain of the heart is that true love is close to oneself but cannot be told. There is nothing sadder than not being able to let go of someone who does not love himself.. A mutual defense has become insignificant. A waiting, turned into Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex. The heart, when cold enough to turn around and forget; Feelings, when only use. Sincerity is not without weight, but without a stalk. True feelings are not worthless, but cannot be measured by interests..

   Willingness is the reason for hurting a person. Hurt a person, despise is definitely; Let one go, disappointment is the result.. Life, there is no eternal if first seen, nor always if only first seen. The efforts smeared with impure colors are worthless, and the feelings adulterated with interests need not continue..

   Love for life, because care; Love is limited only because of centrifugal force.. How many support, never abandon; How much care, let feelings return to zero. Pay feelings, will love dearly; Don't ask 天狮娱乐 the result, only then truly. Love a person, pour out one's heart and lung, only hope the other party can see it. Keep a person don't give up, just hope can always not far not near has always been in.

   It is not the distance of the road that hurts the heart, but the separation of the heart. Cold human feelings are not ignored, but turned a blind eye.. To tolerate TA's nonsense and forgive TA's irrationality is not to have no bottom line, but to lower one's emotion and then lower it.. Feelings, can't stand perfunctory; Sincerely, can't stand indifference. Heart to love, have common; Love must be treasured before it is possible..

   If something is broken, it may be repaired. How can a broken heart be intact?. Feeling is not to say that you have it; you need the real feeling of your heart. Apologizing does not mean that nothing will happen if nothing happens, but if you are injured, you will be injured.. Don't hurt a person easily, even people have self-esteem. Don't throw away a love casually, it's useless to stay when your heart is far away.. No one will always say "nothing" in be brainless. No one will allow you to trample on the dignity of others.

   Love and love need care. Heart to heart requires respect.. Love has no password, only heart; Love has no model, only cherish it.. Looking back at 3,000, outside the world of mortals, you are waiting with your heart. The white head turns pale and the white face turns pale. There are still people there.. There is no need for too much in one's life. Love is happiness. What do you want too much in your life? Love is the satisfaction..

   If there is no longer trust between heart and heart, what is the point of getting along? If there is suspicion between love and affection, then why continue?. The idea of coinciding has become the result of deliberate imitation. An act of coincidence becomes an act of losing one's individuality..

   Heart, don't guess, more guess more doubt; Love, don't be cold, the colder the farther.. Those who met once and walked away quietly. We agreed to stay together for a lifetime, but we had nothing to talk about.. Love or friendship, you don't say anything, I don't say anything, time has passed and even the courage to take the initiative to speak all have no..

   How many people come, how many walk, how much joy, how much sorrow, why so unbearable. It is not easy to meet, it is difficult to be together, cherish and cherish..





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