Looking back on life

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   The last page of the calendar still lingered on the wall. I listened quietly to the ticking of the clock. I remembered the elegy of life played by Violinist Yang Ke in the field of inside.. So lonely, cold, like a leaf of dead leaves in the wind and rain, on the last day of the year, holding this page in hand is extremely heavy in inside, and even reluctant to tear it off, "we wave our hands to say good-bye, and my horse is neighing again and again. "The good colt of time, too fast, did not let me look back at Goodbye to All That, allow of no excuse has embarked on a new path, no matter my mood is good or bad, give up or not give up. I am not a good rider who has been wandering around in the post station of life and missed many scenery. Suddenly, I turned back much earlier. I remember Ye Zhi had a poem "When You Are Old".

   When You Are Old, grey and sleepy,

   Sleeping by the fire, take down this book.

   Read slowly, dream back to your eyes once

   The soft light and the deep wave shadow;


   When You Are Old, it was too late to read carefully the shaking of time, shake off the tired dust on his body, and remember the regret of missing fingertips. Only to find that we failed to live up to the best time. Day by day, month by month, year by year, we only bowed our heads and walked on, but forgot the scenery around us. Passers-by accompanied us one after another, how many people joined in, how many people left, and how many people did not count. People met like meteors, and in an instant generate produced a spark called "fate". At that time, the bad child carelessly drew mountains and rivers on our forehead, and we never cared about it.. I always feel that the painting axis of time has just begun. I wake up one day to realize that my children have grown up and are out of our sight. My father's tall and gigantic figure has become short and my mother's beautiful big eyes can no longer wear small embroidery needles. Only then did I realize that the annual rings had already been deeply engraved in our hearts 天狮娱乐 with lines and lines.. It is full of vicissitudes, vicissitudes, or vicissitudes. Feeling that the years are too fast. It's almost too late for us to accept it. Did it just float away?. Gimilis Bichebi, we will never be able to reach Homecoming as soon as possible.

   Last night, I dreamed that I was suddenly old, white-haired and leaning on a crutch. The faces of the relatives around me were far and near, but I was the only one who kept coughing and climbing the mountain. The mountain road was rugged and I couldn't see the top of the mountain. I struggled but I couldn't get what I wanted. So my heart was in a hurry. I was sweating Dreams from the Past and sat with my arms around my knees. The faint moonlight outside the window passed through the curtains. It was pale, boundless, pale and far away, just like the ordinary days I had passed.. When did the solemn and simple clothes of wardrobe inside replace the youth, beauty and fashion? No hurry, no rashness, calm and steady work replaced me who used to be manic and noisy in Mao Mao. Tolerance and easy-going replaced me who used to like to be competitive. Originally, life was just a stage for one person, and no one could accompany me to the end.. The time knife used lukewarm speed to remove my edges and corners and grind them into a crystal teardrop of inside. Maturity is gradually peeled off in such sharpening. So I finally felt relieved. I kept growing and losing. I kept regretting. When I grew, I felt regretful. Regret is also a kind of beauty, though a little painful.. Even though there is still much more difficulty ahead, we still have to go ahead bravely, because there is nothing to stop us from moving forward.. If white clouds understand my worries, if streams understand my sorrow, if mountains can know my secrets, let them walk with me, with white clouds indifferent and quiet, streams tactfully and pure, and mountains tenacious and forbearing.. Then my life must be neither sad nor happy, and embrace the most uncommon years and months of one'. calmly and naturally..





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